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  1. We have two in our group who cannot make it last minute. Face value of $174 paid. Will meet up between 5.30 and 6.00 at Gate L to walk you in with our c-card entry. PM if interested.
  2. Hi. We are headed tomorrow for the last LA show. GA floor tickets. I looked over the threads and didn't find a breakdown of the set-list for which songs occur on main stage vs e-stage. >> We are thinking since we can't arrive until 6.30pm inside that we would try up front for the concert start, until a couple of songs before the e-stage set, and then move down early to the e-stage for the rest of the show until along the catwalk clears near the end. Any advice from those who have done the GA or know the timing would be so great and we are very much thankful for. Usually when you do a
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