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  1. Thank You for your kind encouraging comments about my boy's first ever performance. Just this morning I heard him starting to learn Cedarwood Road! I have a feeling that U2 concert was very important to him and is already having an influence on his musical direction. I'm a musician myself but I choose to stay very hands off and let him do his thing. It's 100% his own initiative and it is an amazing thing to experience. innocence + experience, it's all coming together through him.
  2. Thanks so much for your great comments. It actually didn't dawn on me about the whole Innocence + Experience aspect of this very performance until after it was over. He is still very much an inncocent little 10 year old boy who sees nothing but good and joy in the world and we try and preserve that. We know that soon enough that will change for him. As he starts on his journey of Experiences we felt that U2 would be a very positive uplifting experience for these innocent eyes and ears and we were right. He really has taken to their new songs. This makes me think back to U2's first album BOY and the song Into The Heart. U2 had that theme of innocence from the very beginning.
  3. My wife and I are long time U2 fans. We went to see U2 at Slane Castle in 2001 which was an awesome experience. Saw them in London as well right before that show. We bought tickets to both the Innocence + Experience shows in San Jose (thanks to the pre-sale). The first night I went with my wife but the second night we decided to expose innocence to experience in the form of our 10 year old boy. His first rock concert ever and he was deeply impressed. The next day he was humming all the songs and learning their names. But he didn't stop there. He has taken to playing my ukulele lately (he plays piano already). He looked up The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) ukulele chords and proceeded to play it every day. Then his school had auditions for a talent show and he signed up. He made the cut and just today the show happened. As he stood up there on stage playing and sining the song with no microphone to a packed room I couldn't help thinking how much it exemplifies Innocence and Experience. An innocent 10 year old boy experiences the music of U2 live in concert and is inspired enough to make his own experience from it. He brought the house down with this rendition. All the teachers were amazed at how he drew everyone into the performance. And with no microphone. Yes I am a proud Dad! Here's the video of the performance:
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    6-4-15 Talent Show

    Ukulele rendition of The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
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