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  1. I'm a little concerned that I haven't heard of anyone getting RZ ticks that are just the PDFs you print out. Am I the only one not getting hard copies in the mail?
  2. I would rather get those. Funny I got a GA tick also and TM said THAT would be mailed to me as a hard copy. Who knows???
  3. I got RZ for MSG and they were PDF printable ticks...?
  4. This is how my 2015 RZ experience was, as well.
  5. Got 1 GA and 1 Red Zone using new code that was emailed to me yesterday (not texted). I had not used my code from last week (which I only got when I called customer service). Even though I am in innocence group, I was able to use this new code today.
  6. I got an email this afternoon from U2.com giving me a new presale code: We understand you had difficulty securing tickets in the week 1 presales for the band’s 2018 shows. As we emailed you last week, we are inviting you to take part in the opening day of presales for recently announced 2nd shows in Las Vegas (May 12th), Chicago (May 23rd), Montreal (June 6th), Philadelphia (June 14th), Washington (June 18th), Boston (June 22nd) and New York City (June 26th). Below is a unique presale access code you can use f
  7. Well just as I didn't receive a code via text before the presale last week (innocence group) until I called to get one and they gave it to me over the phone, and then there were no lower bowl or GA ticks left; now I didn't get my Ticketmaster verified fan code texted to me even though I got an email saying I was selected to get an access code and it would be texted to me this morning. Surprise surprise I didn't get the code. I called Ticketmaster and waited on hold for 25 minutes, then held on with representative for another 25 minutes who then told me to write an email to someone at Ticketmas
  8. Well this plan didn't work out so anybody reading this still looking for Red Zone for 6/28...many thanks
  9. Oh ok. Unfortunately I can only take 1. :-( If this changes please let me know. Thanks so much.
  10. IF you didn't already sell them-was wondering if you had Red Zone for 6/28th for NJ. Thanks
  11. If anyone has Red Zone for 6/28 I'd be interested in 1 ticket. Thank you!
  12. I am curious as well-I need to sell ticks and I thought it would be impossible to transfer them before the show.
  13. I am still confused as to whether I can "swipe in' my friends, showing my ID and CC that I used to buy the tickets, and then they go in without me. I don't have to enter with them in order for the tickets to be valid right? I've tried to read all I can about this topic and it's still not clear to me. Also some people are saying you can mail your friend the credit card and they can use that to get in, but on TM they say you must show ID as well as CC. So unless I mail my friend my ID as well, I don't see how giving someone your CC would work.
  14. Uh oh...can you give a little more detail? Were people with aftermarket RZ tickets not allowed in? IF so was this because 1. sellers did not show up to meet buyers and thus sellers could not get buyers in and buyers were stranded 2. sellers did show up to meet buyers, but venue for some reason did not let buyers in even if seller showed up with their credit card? 3. Some other reason? I'm bummed because I have tickets that I got during presale but would like to get RZ instead. The concept of me having to meet buyers of my original tickets, in order to get THEM in; then go to RZ to meet se
  15. I just want to say this is so screwed up and I too will be stressing until June. I have regular tickets but am still hoping for RZ. If by some miracle I can get RZ on resale-and get them by meeting the seller at venue and them getting me in, in itself a stressful scenario (what if the person can't make the show?? What if they drop off the face of the earth?), I would have to sell my regular tickets or wind up in the poorhouse. If I have to meet my buyer at the venue in order for them to be able to get in with my credit card, how am I supposed to be 2 places at once?? I'd have to meet my buyer,
  16. If I break down and buy resale RZ tics on Stubhub or one of those sites, will I have a problem? I already got ticks for NJ in another section and it says I have to show credit card. So if I buy them from someone else, obviously I don't have their card to show when I go to the venue! In one listing the seller said he would meet the buyer at the venue to give the ticks. Is this because they have to go in with me, show their card and get me in? Sorry if this is a clueless question. But it seems risky to get these ticks and then not be allowed in.
  17. link removed - no links to reseller sites, thanks = mods Am I losing it or are these tickets not supposed to be on sale until presale tomorrow?? Am I missing something...?
  18. VIP doesn't mean anything except you are in Red Zone. I was on North side, when they let us in the e-stage was right across from us.
  19. Here is the text of the email some of the Red Zoners got the day of the show, it has some helpful info: (RED) Zone Fans There have been some guests who did not have their tickets in hand at check in at the last shows. In order to check in for the (RED) Zone in New York, you must have your tickets in hand. If you have to collect these from the Box Office, please do so before coming to the Chase Entrance. The Box Office is located in Chase Square in the main lobby of Madison Square Garden on 7th Avenue, as shown on the map below. If you arrive after 8.15pm, you will need to text me
  20. Red Zone would be less crowded and crazy than regular GA, but the thing is they would be standing the whole time. There's no seats. Even if there was a seat or they let you bring one in, or provided one for you, they wouldn't be able to see over the heads of everyone standing up in GA. IF they don't mind standing, then it's a great spot, especially if you get there early and they can stand right by the rail of Red Zone. IF they will tire of standing my advice would be to get actual seats in a good section. (Even there they might need to stand to see, if the folks in the row ahead of them are s
  21. Yeah-I didn't look over there too closely, but some of the first RZoners definitely headed over there right away. It's a small area (most of the main stage rail is in GA) and definitely on the edge of the stage. I was on the North side so I was on the right side of the main stage if you were facing it. The RZ main stage rail was the last bit of rail all the way to the right, if my memory serves.
  22. My two cents-I agree the GAers were let in a few moments before Red Zone. We were standing right outside a door leading to floor, they seemed to be directed to nearby doors but not our door. They were all running to get in. Less than a minute later Red Zone was let in. I was on North side. There was plenty of rail space on the catwalk but e-stage rail was almost full-all the running GA-ers must have gone straight there. Also the rail right on the main stage was taken quickly. The Red Zone itself was not crowded at until showtime when it filled up a little, but never felt too crowded. One negat
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