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  1. By a series of miracles [really] I'll be there for all four shows. I don't drink so Im more than happy to be a designated [walker?] LOLOL Representing the Canadian Mirrorball Mafia via San Francisco
  2. I'm so excited! Thanks to the help of some amazing fan/friends I got a ticket for Friday! Still looking for ANY ticket for Monday or Saturday!
  3. I am looking for a SINGLE RZ or GA ticket for any/all nights except Monday/Tuesday in Dublin
  4. Yup, I'm going from San Francisco for the Tuesday show and hopefully Monday. Trying to lock down Thursday and Friday now too!!! This will be my first time in Dublin. Any tips? Wait... OMFG I AM GOING TO SEE U2 IN DUBLIN!! [it's still sinking in]
  5. I have 2 GA (hard tickets) for tonight. Would like to go RZ. If anyone wants to trade at face I will pay the difference.
  6. Ok, thank you for all your answers, in return I'd like to offer up some of my own thoughts on Rail positions (: I've been to all the SJ and CHI shows and here is my advice. GA experience: If you are GA, and early, what I have done is opt for a rail a little bit back from the stage to start the show. Then I've loved being able to back off the rail and watch the overheads. You won't get your rail back, so if you really want to stay in one place against the rail for the whole show my opinion is you may miss out a bit. Even if you are farther back from the eStage you can see great from the floor a
  7. Got it THANK YOU!! For some reason I never got this mail!! Any other advice on best chances to see if I can get one of the boys to sign my Bono-sweat copy of Alice in Wonderland per my questions above about soundcheck Q. I am so excited!!
  8. Oh geez -- One last LAST question: the backstage raffle bit. My understanding is that you have to be checked in to the RZ by 4 and they announce it at 5:30ish? Is that info accurate?
  9. Great thank you! Yet another Q: Sometimes they go to the GA line, sometimes they just do autographs by the artist entrance/loading dock -- where is the best place at MSG to try for? Usually they show b/t 130-3 for soundcheck but I haven't been to MSG in ages and can't remember where the soundcheck/loading entrance is (or if that matters) Thanks!!!!!!
  10. Oh sorry one other question: My ticket is RZ2/VIP -- that is edge's side correct? Does the VIP designation mean anything?
  11. Super helpful thread everyone. I have my first ever RZ ticket for the MSG show Thursday (saw the San Jose and Chicago shows too GA) -- just so I'm clear -- When RedZone/GA opens up you go past the eStage first? I've done eStage a couple times and its been great but thinking of trying for MainStage rail for this show because of RZ. Am going GA Friday too. Last Q: I caught one of the books (well, half of it) he threw in Chicago and really want to try for an autograph. What time do folks usually Q around the loading dock area or wherever the artist entrance is for soundcheck (and, is this the bes
  12. Heya does anyone have any advice/info for (Red) Zone cue-ing etc for the MSG shows? Different doors? Same process for GA?
  13. Hey folks, I'm new but just came off of 3 nights of GA in Chicago and was GA in the second night of San Jose, great seats in 100s for the first night. I just bought my first Red Zone ticket ever for MSG. First off, GA is AMAZING. Even if you don't cue up you'll have a great view. I loved to hang back a bit from the B Stage where you can dance etc. You can also move in and out of the red zone whenever you want down to the B stage or wherever. While I had a great time in GA, RZ totally worth it in my opinion...after the first couple of songs if you wander away from the rails you'll never get
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