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  1. These still available? If so, i'll take them!
  2. how much would you sell them for?
  3. Still in need of ticket for the 23rd. Anyone know of anything, please let me know.
  4. How much for the July 23rd one? I'm traveling from San Diego, CA just to see U2.
  5. The power of U2. That's awesome! I'm traveling by myself from San Diego, CA. See you there my friend.
  6. Anything would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Well this trip was a little impromptu, so I am on a tight budget, face value would be great perhaps? I'm traveling by myself though, so I only need one ticket. Maybe there's someone on here who is also looking for a ticket for that show?
  8. I'm traveling from San Diego just to see U2, anything at a reasonable price would be great for one ticket! Thanks.
  9. ebnuno8

    7/22 and 7/23

    Hey guys. I am going to NY (from San Diego, California) during the week of the 7/22 and 7/23 shows for the sole purpose of seeing U2 (a little birthday present for myself). I wanted to see if anyone is wanting to get rid of their tickets. The flight and hotel weren't as cheap as I thought due to the fact that it's summer and rates boost up so I am kind of on a budget. Anything is appreciated. Thank you.
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