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  1. Love that song I think it's my favourite Neil Diamond song xox
  2. How appropriate that we are fighting for justice for Cecil the Lion when the sun is in Leo...
  3. my fellow Zootops... It will be THE 40th anniversary of the day our boys met in Mrs Maureen Mullen's kitchen... How about we all save our pennies/cents/euro's and invade Dublin... yay... and PAAAAAARRRRRRTYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!
  4. Bob Geldof... any of the Live Aid crew who are still alive... Radiohead would be great... and Edge did play with Muse at Glastonbury... The Queen, Prince Charles... a knighthood for The Edge ha ha.... bet quite a few Olympians will be in the house...
  5. They like to tease us... I feel like a donkey having a carrot dangling in front of it
  6. Percy Faith shares his date of birth with our Angel of Harlem 7th April... he died the year U2 was formed 1976 and this tune was no 1 for 9 weeks in the year Adam and Paul were born... I always think of my mother when I hear this and I will play it at her funeral and cry my eyes out... but when a baby is born the songs that are in the chart always remind a mother of their son/daughter...I wonder if this song reminded Bono and Adam's mums of their sons... https://youtu.be/BaXzeQoWTko
  7. what a beautiful baby girl!!! Bono as a baby.... ha ha I think Bono's mum looks absolutely beautiful.. she has this serene, graceful quality... something that even the Queen's of Hollywood do not possess... this is why he fell head over heels for Alison... she has the same inner grace...
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