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  1. Ok, but it was changed half way through the Singapore presales.... ie, in presale for Singapore #1 - the message was you could split your code across multiple shows (eg, a potential Singapore #2) Get the point that sportshub seems to be pretty limited.
  2. Singapore - single use codes.... The story appears to have changed here. The email before the original presale said you can split across multiple shows (see below). Now today's email says one show only. It's not great that the rules change half way through?
  3. Was registering from Australia. Problem seems to be resolved.
  4. Is anyone else having trouble creating an account with the local Singapore ticket sales site (https://www.sportshub.com.sg)? You will need an account to participate in the pre-sale. When I hit the New User button, get the following error: "BLANK ERROR - failed to call resolve site" - see below:
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