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  1. Hi all, I was just looking through SeatGeek for tickets to the Nassau Coliseum show and found great prices for the 100 levels. They're showing $146 tickets for some of the 100 levels and sub $100 tickets for the upper levels. The tickets are through TicketNetwork and I was just wondering if anyone had experience buying tickets through them since these tickets look like a great deal. Thanks!
  2. Hey all, On Ticketmaster, it looks like you can filter $35 100 Section tickets and $70 GA tickets as well. I tried to get these for the 1st NJ show the minute they opened and couldn't get through. My question is, do tickets for these sections at these prices actually exist? If so how can one snag them before they're all gone? I'm going to try again for public sale this morning for the 2nd NJ show, but would love advice on how to get these. Thanks guys!
  3. I was in the Chase Bridges(the highest section) for NYC8 last night, and it got VERY loud. Then again, that could be because the Chase Bridges are closer to the speakers than the nosebleed seats are but still, it got VERY loud. For me, it wasn't really a problem and I didn't see anyone with earplugs.
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