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  1. You have access to the best tickets in the house, and you feel ripped off??? And we are a day or two after the presale.
  2. Is there a Canadian number, or did you use the US number? Thx. 1-855-985-HELP Go exchange those tickets!
  3. Fun fact: if you call ticketmaster customer service, if you push hard enough, they WILL exchange your tickets for different, still available tickets, for a fee of $7 per tickets.
  4. Any left for TO? Asking for a friend and I have used up my 4 tickets.
  5. Is there any more available - asking for a friend - I've used up my 4 tickets and so can no longer check.
  6. What I've heard from various sources is that they're gonna do European Arenas in winter/spring 2016, South American Stadiums in summer 2016 and, finally, North American Stadiums in summer/fall 2016. (Oceania in 2017)
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