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  1. Has anyone had tracking numbers update? Not yet in the system 3 days later...
  2. It's just so much better when you don't have to wait in line all day.
  3. I have heard rumours that the venue will not be giving out numbered wristbands and we will have to line up all day for GA. Does anyone have any info on this? How has it been at other shows?
  4. What the hell, not wrist banding? What a joke.
  5. Hahahahaha. Obama was divisive??? I cannot think of a single politician who tried harder to reach across the aisle and work with bith parties. Anyway, lets stick to the actual show and not your politics.
  6. The real problem is the twice per day check in, which is not actually waiting in line! It's a different story if people are camping out in a park or something. What's to prevent me from making my own "list" with a few of my friends with noon check ins at the local bar and then we show up with numbers 1-10? It's just as valid.
  7. Did any additional GA drop at any point for this show?
  8. This looks like a glitch, the sale cannot go through.
  9. It's free, don't need to sign up for anything except maybe an Amazon account.
  10. Their are not even any GA resales available on ticketmaster, which makes me think very few have been released so far.
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