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  1. 4 hours ago, dmway said:


    This thread has a couple of useful posts.

    Don't stress too much - Philly and the Wells Fargo Center are chilled-out places to see a show. As a veteran of floor seating/GA on very many occasions in Philadelphia, just show up as early as is convenient for you and you'll be fine.

    For those who aren't already there - the Phillies (the local baseball team for those who aren't sports fans) do have a home game tonight - so, it would be worth your while to get there as early as you can just for the purposes of parking.

    Today's finally the day... ?

    It's just so much better when you don't have to wait in line all day. 

  2. 2 hours ago, rspass said:

    Hear hear... I've been to 30 U2 shows since 1987 and although I understand they are an extreme political group,  I've been able to ignore the rhetoric and enjoy the show.  However, it is starting to get over the top.. the anti Police stance is shameful.  Hands up don't shoot was a lie and proven to be so.  They were all for police and fire fighters back in 2001 during 911 when it was popular...even bringing them up on stage at MSG.  fast forward 17 years and now the in thing is anti Trump anti law enforcement anti anyone who is not on the left. . Bono is disconnected.. Trump was voted by the American people for a reason. This group wants soooo hard to be relavent  again that they don't understand that people just want to hear a rock and roll show.  I know you can't completely stop your rhetoric but stop trying so hard.  Just play the F-ing music and it will be great. They continue to reinforce this divide the 44th president started then play "One"...  and as far as the show.. its not a terrible set list, I get it- you want to play the new songs but come on guys, don't send us home asleep.  Throw  something in the encore with a little giddy up.. i.e.. streets , out of control or even something else  from Rattle and Hum like God part II since its 30 year anniversary. 

    Hahahahaha.  Obama was divisive??? I cannot think of a single politician who tried harder to reach across the aisle and work with bith parties.  Anyway, lets stick to the actual show and not your politics. 

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  3. The real problem is the twice per day check in, which is not actually waiting in line! It's a different story if people are camping out in a park or something.  What's to prevent me from making my own "list" with a few of my friends with noon check ins at the local bar and then we show up with numbers 1-10? It's just as valid.

  4. 2 hours ago, Clear31 said:

    Yeah, I can't be bothered. I went to MSG recently for Bruno Mars and it was under $120 for lower bowl seats. It's hard enough sometimes getting people to even spend $120 but asking people for $331 in the upper bowls lol

    Crazy, looks like Joshua Tree was my last tour at this rate. I still got student loans and a mortgage lol

    I'm looking at 213 row 19 for 177 each, which is actually better than most.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Clear31 said:


    It's insane, I expect $300 for some great seats but not for upper bowl. It's for MSG in NY, it's not easy to convince friends to drop $300 plus on upper level seats lol

    The number of seats with a reasonable price that did not suck immensely were very few.  I lucked out with a couple in DC last week.  Could always just show up the day of the show and see if you can get one from another fan.

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