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  1. For those without a code, I should be able to buy 2 more tickets. Let me know which show and maybe I can find something for you.
  2. Trade? Wound up with very cheap but excellent uppers. I need that GA though
  3. How did you get those, I was on right away and nothing. That Philly website sucks.
  4. They had some shitty one for like $79 that I wound up ordering. Sucks. Maybe they release some closer to the date.
  5. Try closing everything and starting over, that happened to me because I had the page up too early.
  6. Anyone getting any GA or decent seats? Nothing for DC but very overpriced or terrible location
  7. I think those without a code are out of luck at this point for the fan club sale.
  8. I got my presale text about an hour ago, I'm on the east coast.
  9. I am innocence group, no emails for me yet.
  10. Thank you! I'm sorry if it was mentioned earlier, but do you have any info on when those will be opening? I'm hoping early when we go for wristbands.
  11. I am starting to get a little freaked out, I have GA tickets as well as actual seats for friends on the same card. For other shows, they have been indicating that you can have your tickets printed up the morning of the show. However, this is not in the most recent email that went out for DC, and I called the FedEx field box office just now, and they have no idea what will happen. They seem to think everyone will be able to go through the GA line. Has anyone else heard anything about this situation? I don't want to have half my group sitting in the parking lot during the show because they could not get in the GA entrance.
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