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  1. Hi. I’ll have a retailer presale code. But it says I have to use it before 24th Jan. Does anyone know if this code will still be valid for the Ireland dates being announced soon?
  2. Thanks, got mine in yesterday. Said mine were posted too but didn't receive them.
  3. I contacted Ticketmaster yesterday and apparently my tickets have been dispatched too but I have yet to receive them. I'm waiting for them to come back to me to let me know what to do. Mine are regular tickets too
  4. I know it's still months to the show but was wondering if anyone has received their tickets yet? From my experience tickets are usually posted out a few days after buying them. I still haven't got mine yet.
  5. Just wondering has anyone received their tickets from Ticketmaster yet? I got 2 pitch 2 tickets on the public sale and haven't received them yet. I know they say it can be the week before the show that tickets arrive but in my experience tickets usually arrive within a week of buying them.
  6. I got pitch 2 in the general sale no bother. Straight in, tickets selected, transaction completed and confirmation email received by 9:03. Do you think pitch 2 will be separated from pitch 1 or is it just for access purposes? I know no queing is allowed but just wondering? Anyone know?
  7. Hi, does anyone know when the HBO special will be broadcast on BBC 2 or RTE in Ireland? Haven't seen it advertised yet.
  8. Which night? I'm for both but 2nd night with my daughter.
  9. Martin - Have you got GA tickets? If so, what time are you starting to queue at? It's my first time with GA tickets and I would love to be up close. I've seen them twice in Croke and once in Slane but I was miles back.
  10. Hi Martin - there's GA tickets avalable now. If you select seated tickets then pick the £33 option it will bring up GA tickets. My 8 yr old daughter wants to go so I got the £170 tickets dropped to £60 for 2nd night.
  11. tony_breen


    Hi - I have 2 GA tickets for Belfast 1 and managed to get 2 seated tickets for Belfast 2. They're both paid for on the same card. But I read that it's strictly one purchase per person per card. Anyone else with this do this or know will my tickets be cancelled?
  12. tony_breen

    Belfast 2

    Hi - Still standing tickets available for Belfast 2! Just got 2 there now 9:30 5th Nov.
  13. tony_breen


    When do we find out when the doors open for the Belfast shows? Maybe it was mentioned already but I've missed it. Cheers
  14. I think you're safe JoJo. I'm hoping to convert my wife. She knows she's going to see U2 but thinks we're going for a meal before hand. Her meal will be a take away pizza from pizza hut cause I shall be queuing outside! £170 is very expensive though, even for a U2 show!
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