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  1. SM is one of the biggest corporations in the Philippines, they're involved in pretty much everything from grocery products to real estate, movie theaters, concert production etc. There are SM malls all over the country, and most of these will have a ticket counter from which you can collect the tickets upon presentation of the voucher received after buying online. Seated tickets can be collected immediately at any of these outlets. For GA tickets though I got an email saying that these could only be collected at Will Call outlets at the venue on the day of the show, requiring presentation of the voucher and ID and credit card matching the name of the buyer.
  2. Great analysis. I'll be at both, it'll be a shame if they're playing to a half-empty stadium on a Saturday night.
  3. Just noticed RZ and GA tickets for the second Auckland show are still easily available over a day after public sale opened. Think it'll pick up or is demand not quite there to fill two nights in NZ?
  4. Brilliant, thanks. So looks like wristbands just get "Superfans" early entry then, no special access to some restricted front stage section?
  5. Has there been any confirmation that this wristband collection in Camden is actually necessary? And are Superfan ticket holders really expected to be at Trafalgar Square at 3pm?
  6. Has anyone been able to print their ticket PDFs yet? I got Ticketmaster confirmation yesterday but when I click through to print I still get the message that the tickets "aren't quite ready" or something.
  7. Are you guys planning on queuing up early for the gig?
  8. Last minute drop out, anyone interested? Ticketless entry, walk in together etc
  9. Hey all I've got two spares for Tuesday's show, block 116 row K - pretty close rear stage view. Selling for £180 together (face is £200++) Can meet at venue 7ish. AW
  10. I can't make it to the postponed show on Tuesday as I have to fly out in the morning. Anyone want my GA ticket? Can meet either sometime today (Monday) in central Stockholm, or at the arena for tonight's show. Can also mail you the ticket pdf if you can pay by Paypal. Anton
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