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  1. Me and a buddy will be trying to get back to capitol hill after the show. Open to splitting an uber if someone is down. Sadly, it looks like the Metro is gonna not be an option if we wanna see the encore.
  2. Unfortunately, the MBTA will not be running a special train to Gillette Stadium for the show. Alternatively, my group of 4 has joined a charter bus trip on skedaddle.com. There are 5 people on the bus now, and we have to have 10 for it to go live. Those next 5 spots are $30/person. We'll leave from Biddy Early's pub in Boston at 4pm on Sunday, and the bus will bring us back after the show. You can reserve without your card being charged (it will charge you 48 hours before the ride if there is 10 or more people signed up), and can cancel up to 48 hours before event. I've looked at similar chart
  3. My group is in same predicament. Flying into Boston, staying downtown, and was expecting to ride train. I have reserved some seats for a chartered bus on skedaddle.com. It's $30 a person, which is the cheapest i'm finding. We have to get five more people to make the route go live (credit cards are not charged until 48 hours before event if ride goes live). It will leave from Biddy Early's Pub at 4pm on sunday. The link is letskedaddle.com/events/8566 thanks!
  4. Was that from Boston? Was it on a weekend? I'm trying to get to gillette at 5pm. Was thinking since it's a sunday the traffic might not be as bad?
  5. I talked to a MBTA rep yesterday and he said that there still is not a train running from Boston to Gillette. They said it could be announced closer to the show. If that doesn't happen, I've looked at the site rallybus.com.
  6. Hi! My dad, brother, wife, and I are "shipping up to boston" from Charlotte, NC from the show and are staying downtown (beside Faneuil hall). The plan is to take the train to foxborough unless we can find some sort of party bus/chartered bus to get on board. Anyone know of any? Also, where is the best place to find any meetups with fellow fans at any pubs/bars in Boston that weekend? Thanks for any advice!
  7. Starting to get nervous about what 2016 touring could look like.... Expected to hear something by now.
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