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  1. there are still seated tickets available on ticket master! i got my GA tickets last week as ticket master had another ticket drop so keep checking
  2. Ticket drop for Glasgow GA and Red Zone Mission complete enjoy the show
  3. Thanks Monica believe it or not ive just managed to get them Ticket Master just had another ticket drop im the ahppiest person in the world 2 GA tickets £60 each im also going Glasgow 1 thank you so much for your help and enjoy the show
  4. Still looking for 2 GA tickets for Glasgow 7th Novenmber or Red Zone if the price is right please help if you can devastated U2 Fan
  5. It seems like theres been more ticket drops for London so hopefully the same will happen for Glasgow
  6. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE calling all genuine U2 fans im looking for help. Im gutted i missed out in tickets sales for the first time in my life im actully looking for 2 GA tickets or Red Zone for 7th November! im hoping for some pay back as ive always managed to get 4 tickets and sell 2 at face value to make U2 fans happy! If anyone would consider selling or maybe swaping for seats and payment please get in touch! looking for a lot i know but unofrseen circumstances do happen! Enjoy the show everyone U2angel
  7. Hi Blakeyhome If you decide to sell these tickets please let me know im desperate for tickets i didnt manage this time due to hospital i would be willing to buy you seats or maybe even GA if i can get them would you consider please also obviously pay the differance thank you U2angel
  8. Hi Shaun what do you think about this section? i could also buy 55 or if there are any other seats you fancy im willing to buy them for you! i would really love red zone U2Angel
  9. Hi thank you Batfink 32 I have purchased tickets for the Friday in section 51 row B but ive never ever had a seat at a U2 concert im usually right up there hugging the barrier hoping for a hand from Bono thanks for helping me though much appreciated i think my ticket was £180 each
  10. Hi Shaun I would absolutely love the red zone tickets i missed out on tickets sales due to visiting a family member in hospital followed by a funeral would you be interesed in zone 56 isle seats which would be good for access etc or running to the front please please let me know im willing to buy you tickets wherever you want ? U2Angel
  11. Hi Shaun youve made my dreams come true! ive loved U2 since the age of 14 and missed ticket sales due to hospital visits and family funeral! i would be willing to buy you tickets in any of the sections i think 56 is the best the seats are at the isle so you can get easy access please let me know im so excited! thanks for shring with genuine u2 fans xxx
  12. Hi Shaun i would love Red Zone would you be interested in section 56? please let me know they cost £180 each would love to swap
  13. Help wanted! Im gutted i lost out on ticket sales due to very difficult times visiting hospitals and totally forgot about the pre sales! i simply cant believe it myself but its unfortunately true! please if you can help a life time fan happy im looking for 2x Red Zone or GA standing tickets for the Saturday the 7th november! ive never sat at a concert in my life but will have to on the Friday! Ive helped lots of genuine fans out in the past and believe there are some good people put there who might be able to make me smile and beam inside!!! please if you know anyone or have s
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