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  1. I also bought 2 tickets for one show but the code is still there. Date was 18th. I'm happy with my tickets and would never take the risk to use them again and see my tickets getting cancelled. I remember with the JT code it also took a while after buying that it was removed.
  2. Did you try via renew.u2.com already. For me it worked.
  3. The stage in Arena is never on the southside. This is also on the faq's site of venue ArenA: `stages can be in different places: -Endsetting, northside -in the round setting, in the middle -Panorama setting, eastside.' So never southside. On site of mojo.nl is besides mentioned that 126, 127, 128 and 426 t/m 430 are situated across the stage.
  4. You're welcome. I bought seats in 407 and GA. See you there :-)
  5. This is the map that was just shown when I ordered GA tickets.
  6. I found this on the on the site mojo.nl: U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 met support act Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds ZATERDAG 29 JULI 2017 AMSTERDAM ARENA LAATSTE UPDATES Indeling rangen, vakken en prijzen Rolstoelplaatsen | € 104 Het rolstoelplatform wordt geplaatst op de voorste helft van de vloer, aan de zijkant op de arenavloer. Red Zone Een klein vak staanplaatsen helemaal vooraan aan het podium aan een kant van de catwalk. Deze kaarten worden alleen verkocht in combinatie met een VIP package. Staanplaatsen | € 70 Staanplaatsen op de arenavloer. Zitplaa
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