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    Actung Baby
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    Tiffanys Glasgow 1981
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    Manchester 19th October 2018
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    Pop tour wembley '93
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  1. 😍 Happy birthday xxx from bonnie scotland xxx
  2. Wow hoo another tour for sure xxxxx
  3. Bono at manchester Lowry hotel thanks for stopping to say hi
  4. carolastoria01


    Paris 26th July 2017 Took my 9 year old daughter to her first U2 concert wow the best ever she said cant wait for next tour. It was my 35 gig........met bono at Astoria back in 2001 xxxx
    out of this world.....38th gig & met the band at the lowry....my 10 year old was delighted thanks Edge Bono & Larry xxx
  5. excellent......Bono sure is a genuin friendly funny guy.....xxx
  6. Zoo Tour Wembly London....... out of this world especially when Bono picked up the telephone to make a call leading into........Lemonnnnnnn
  7. Great big hello from Scotland been a fan since '79.......yep thats Bono & Me he took photo with my disposible camera back in 2001 at London Astoria gig xxxx
  8. come on Bono scotland dates please.........ive spent a fortune to date lol
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