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  1. Agreed, these Platinum Tickets are legalized scalping, Ticketmaster do this all over the world now under the pretense of pricing scalpers out of the market but isn't the promoter already doing this by selling "Hot Seats" at a massive premium ? It becomes ridiculous when EUR 216,00 doesn't buy you the best seat in the house, for that you apparently have to hand over EUR 331,50 (Hot Seat) or up to EUR 430,00 (Platinum)
  2. The Hot Seat options are Cat 1 and Cat 2 tickets in the first few rows, they are sold at a high premium above the regular tickets. Platinum are also preferred seating type tickets, but this time the high premium is added on by Ticketmaster instead of the promoter. Try to stick to regular GA, Cat 1 or Cat 2
  3. I bought tickets in the first presale for Paris from Australia, first set yourself up an account on Ticketmaster France and second, there is an English language option at the top. The presale for the first two shows is closed and the presales for the new date are this week, on sale time is 8pm AEDST. To be in the presale access the Ticketmaster page from the Tour page on this site, your code should be at the top of that page and your group. On the Ticketmaster site there will be a number of options, the top one is Red Zone so use the second one for standing/seats. Log in early a
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