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    Every Breaking Wave
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    Paris '10 - 360 Tour
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    Dublin 3 - i+e Tour
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  1. Right?! I can't wait to see what is next!
  2. Hey Zootopians! I made a little U2 Advent Calendar on my blog - nothing fancy, just a little fun and giggles! Starts tomorrow if you wanna have a look 😜

  3. Wow. They did an amazing job on I Will Follow. That is just insanely good! 😱❤️
  4. You are so right. Those would make awesome prints! ... I need more walls in my life seriously 🤣
  5. Don't forget the mask haha.
  6. Madfl3a

    U2 Tattoos

    It apparently takes me around 5 years each time to get one lol - it is a commitment after all ! Always a special meaning, a special event. Milestones inked forever are good reminders when you need it. It's quite comforting to have them!
  7. Madfl3a

    U2 Tattoos

    Only love can leave such a mark... What's yours ?
  8. Nicely spotted! And I guess not... Larry would never have let Edge steal that one from him 😜
  9. I think my fav bit is Edge's beaming smile replying "You will. Definitely." when ask if we'll meet the band again sometime. These are uncertain times and gosh that truly warmed my wee heart ❤️
  10. Aaaalright... Let's all chill for a sec. It's a nice thread.. A celebration of a band we love.. Let's focus on that 😁 Here's a little Bedge sweetness to ease everyone's nerve. I'll go make some chamomile tea for everyone now 😘
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