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  1. I'm just very torn between the idea of wanting more - because hell that was good fun - and this 👆, that I truly believe also. ... That's why the once in a while thing wouldn't be so bad ? Compromise ? I don't know. (Don't mind me, that's pre coffee thoughts, they're usually nonsense)
  2. Well.. I was thinking it could kinda fun to keep doing that once in a while... Like once a month or every two months.. Just to like.. Reconnect? I thought about it while we were watching the shows and.. Well. Don't know if that's doable. Just a thought.
  3. Well ... That's been fun eh ? Pretty emotional right now so i'll try to be quick. Thank you. All of you. So so much for turning this idea into a reality, and a brilliant one Those watch along really meant the world to me during those hard times and they have proven once more that we get to carry each other. Some people told me that i'm a U2 fan and a U2 fans fan. And it's true, i love this band just as much as I love this community and this whole thing is the perfect example of why I do. Stay safe, stay strong. Don't let the silence settle though. Keep being those vibrant joyful souls that i'm honored to have met during those nights. You all rock. Thank you.
  4. Is there any better way than to end this show ? This whole #U2getherAtHome craziness ? I like to think that it's perfect.
  5. I kinda forget that NYD is one of the "early" songs... It's just so fresh.
  6. Can"t believe i got to hear this one live during IE. I completely lost my s****.
  7. EXACTLY! You don't need any fancy anything to turn a show into legend. I love the simplicity of it. Works so well with that fire on stage
  8. i think it's on a faster tempo than the studio version. The fastest they played it - at least that's what my bass tabs say
  9. Two hearts at Red Rocks is still to this day my fav performance of the song. I'm not sure that will ever change. That energy is insane. I just freaking love it !
  10. Totally. Was just thinking how we got to see how those early songs evolved throughout the years.... I'm so curious about the rest now !!! They should just re record those first albums 🤣
  11. Ha. I had mine on the day i turned 30... and started live tweeting that very night 😛 Existential crisis aren't necessarily a bad thing ! (I think)
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