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  1. Right?! I can't wait to see what is next!
  2. Hey Zootopians! I made a little U2 Advent Calendar on my blog - nothing fancy, just a little fun and giggles! Starts tomorrow if you wanna have a look 😜

  3. Wow. They did an amazing job on I Will Follow. That is just insanely good! 😱❤️
  4. You are so right. Those would make awesome prints! ... I need more walls in my life seriously 🤣
  5. Don't forget the mask haha.
  6. Madfl3a

    U2 Tattoos

    It apparently takes me around 5 years each time to get one lol - it is a commitment after all ! Always a special meaning, a special event. Milestones inked forever are good reminders when you need it. It's quite comforting to have them!
  7. Madfl3a

    U2 Tattoos

    Only love can leave such a mark... What's yours ?
  8. From the album: U2 Tattoos

  9. Nicely spotted! And I guess not... Larry would never have let Edge steal that one from him 😜
  10. I think my fav bit is Edge's beaming smile replying "You will. Definitely." when ask if we'll meet the band again sometime. These are uncertain times and gosh that truly warmed my wee heart ❤️
  11. Aaaalright... Let's all chill for a sec. It's a nice thread.. A celebration of a band we love.. Let's focus on that 😁 Here's a little Bedge sweetness to ease everyone's nerve. I'll go make some chamomile tea for everyone now 😘
  12. What's happening in France is about sick people doing sick things. Nothing else. The lack of humanity can't be justified by ANYTHING. I don't see any censorship in this, I only see a mark of respect. And don't @ me that the word was there in the first place. Society evolved and thank god for that. There are many things that were borderline acceptable, or disregarded maybe, 20 years ago. And I am so very glad mentality changed enough that this kind of editing is now a thing. 'La liberté des uns s'arrête là où celle des autres commence.' That's a thing from France that is worth rem
  13. Leather and drums. Yes. That... What were we talking about? 🤣 Oh right. Let's just blame the leather pants and go back to glorious.. Contemplation. I need to watch that show again now. Ha.
  14. Wow. You pick up on loads of stuff guys... I have no idea what Bono's rambling about most of the time. All that leather is too distracting 😇
  15. To the man that keeps hiding behind the drum kit. To the man who doesn't want the attention, But still breaks half of the internet when we catch sight of him. To the man who basically changed all our lives forever... A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARRY !!!
  16. 😭😭😭 https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/elevationwatchparty.u2.com?proto=https
  17. HA. We're not done yet. That's a nice goal. Dream out loud mate. Always.
  18. Sometimes they end the night with a prayer, but tonight they ended it with hope. Maybe we can do this guys. Together. We all needed that, we all needed them, and more importantly -and always- each other. Y'all take care. Hope to see you soon down the road.
  19. Alright now can we go back to Bono and the guitar? The green Gretsch people 😭
  20. Gosh I hope so... I need to focus to understand spoken english and that's not an easy do when you're having a mini heart attack.
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