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  1. I want the band's popmart shirts and I'll keep whining about that til the day I die.
  2. I'm usually the same every year, but I just bought a new fav so it will be the perfect occasion
  3. Haaaa I always love this ! And for once, I know exactyl which one I'm wearing
  4. But Larry get away from the mermaid and the deer and... Oh great. Gotta go read Ulysses again now...
  5. No more seriously, I did wonder and found this... 'In Celtic tradition there were two aspects of the deer: the feminine element, called Eilid in Gaelic, the female red deer, symbolizing femininity, gentles and grace. It was believed that the deer called to men from the kingdom of the fairies to free them from the trappings of the earthly world and taking them to the world of magic. Deer often turned into women in such legends in order to avoid being hunted. ' Which would be a bit weird with the whole mermaid symbolism. Or do woman trap men but that's how they free them too? ... I should probably shut up now.
  6. EXPECTO PATRONUUUUM Wait... Wrong timeline sorry.
  7. And Thanks Larry, for always reflecting my mood.
  8. As the heat. Those remasters are certainly not helping the global warming issue honestly.
  9. Well.. It's been a good remaster week! Phew. PHEW.
  10. I was told to send a rescue team in case @mich40 didn't answer after this one premiered but I think it would be a lot safer to send it right now.
  11. Portugal tax price : 5.01€ For those of you in Portugal, I strongly advise that you go put your tracking number on the portal de desalfandegamento to see if customs has it. If any infos comes up when you add it, it means it's stuck there. Friendly advice, DO NOT WAIT for the stupid letter/text from the CTT informing you that you have to pay for it, just do it right away. They messed up big time with me recently and only informed me they had my signed inhaler vinyl when it was already too late to pay for it, and they returned it back to sender - and when it's gone, it's gone. Nothing you can do about it. Anyways.... U2 at Apollo finally on its way so yaaaaaaaaay
  12. The gift label only doesn't work anymore... I've been paying tons of customs fees these past months even though some were gifts. Customs blocks the package, you don't pay the vat because gift but still the custom fees. It's a real big mess 😭
  13. I think mine might have avoid customs. Don't get mad people, that's just the new VAT laws... If its not clearly stated on the parcels that the vat has already been paid, you'll have fees. It's a bummer but hopefully this will be resolved in years to come...
  14. Happy birthday Mr The Edge ! That's a big one ! So I made you a birthday gif.... no just gif, no T. (Sorry about the tweet link, file too big) And I might have wrote a full post blog about how awesome you are (because I can never shut up and I'm afraid the Zoo mods might tell me to shush again - of course they won't , they're too nice for that, I'm just too lazy to re type everything) https://www.u2andcoffee.com/2021/08/08/60-reasons-to-love-the-edge/ Enjoy the cake and 'ouzo'(or anything else bottled) to celebrate ! (I should probably have stopped writing after the 'Happy birthday Mr The Edge !' but see 2nd point again. ) HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUITAR HERO ! You rock. Much love. ❤️
  15. 'Night on the floor' is the one that really got my attention. It's such a mood seriously !
  16. It's been on repeat since I woke up lol. Really good stuff seriously. The songs sound great and the whole album just makes sense!! Hope I'll be able to catch them live someday soon.
  17. It's been on repeat since last night. Uplifting, hopeful and so much joy. Everything we needed to hear and see. Absolutely love it.
  18. "I should never have let that dude take charge of my band" 🤣🤣
  19. SERIOUSLY people. You can't just drop two vids in one day with THIS being the 2nd one. Some of us have weak hearts over here. (I'm so glad you did though.)
  20. I always like to write up a little something for Bono's birthday, I guess this year I got a bit carried away 😅 So err... yup. This : - Happy B Day - I’m no writer, I’m just a girl who likes to put words on paper. I’m not sure why the words decided to come out this way today, Maybe it’s just a big day. A B day. A day I want to celebrate like I would for any other mate, For being a music fan often means having a best friend you’ve never met. You don’t know me. I don’t know you. But through the cracks of a broken heart it feels like sometimes I do. A voice that always keeps me company, Through the brightest days, and those ones so dark I can barely see. A blinding light of a shade unknown That you can just feel Warming your heart and soul. A sound letting you embrace what’s real Like an echo in the void reminding you that you’re not alone. And when the world gets too noisy, and life a bit too much, That voice brings me peace more often than not. Muffling those anxious thoughts down just enough To let me keep my head above water, For some days are harder to live than others. Only words for the many. Just words for a few. But for some, for us, it’s undoubtedly Everything that we hold dear and true. Words whispered in our ears, Like a friend, a father, a mentor, Tales of experience telling us that we can heal, Bringing us that comfort all humans crave for. Maybe that has less to do with the man you are but more with what you inspire. Or maybe that’s just what you want to let transpire. But when I read between the lines, Then I can see what really shines, And it’s a sense of humility. Granting us the freedom to reinvent your reality, A pass to interpret your words that set us free. What was personal turns universal And maybe that’s why you always catch us before we fall. For I can hear your heart calling for this unity, And that’s probably your best gift to humanity. And it leaves no doubt about this question, How could we not be friends? For music is a lifelong companion And always a helping hand. I’ve lost count how many times those songs Have brought me back on my feet, Probably more than I did on my own Yet less than I should have greeted. But it’s okay to trip and lose balance, Because I know I have you by my side. Trying to keep up with the beat of life’s crazy dance, With your voice telling me I can handle the ride. A one way conversation. From this side or the other. But always words of salvation, To care for one another. Maybe for some that’s the saddest truth to utter, But for me it will always be the best thing ever. For words makes us human, And in the silent shout of a pen on paper Lies a simple reminder : We’re all one of a kind if we choose to be kind. So I send you these words Showman, For you know it’s the best way to let love travel out of our mind. Happy birthday sweet B, May this day be blessed and the next. And know that you’ll always be The most important friend I’ve never met. " (From https://www.u2andcoffee.com/2021/05/10/happy-b-day/)
  21. Yup. Same. I'm absolutely in love with AOH, which might well be the grooviest version I've ever heard. Ha.... HA. I'm so excited about this gift seriously
  22. This is my earliest memory of music on TV ! (And of course it's U2 haha - fate). I was like 6 or something ? I have vivid memories of that snake... it used to terrify me lol. Thanks for yet another childhood trauma guys. The only things I really remember from that video were that snake and Bono's shirt (again... Fate ) so i'll forgive them
  23. I've been listening to these 3 tracks on repeat today. It sounds AMAZING. Can't get enough of that performance of OOC seriously, it's sooooo good. Ha. Well excited to get the whole thing... This is a great fix for my live music addiction right now !
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