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  1. A pretty amazing night in even better company! Thanks y'all! That band will never cease to amaze me. Brilliant R&H... Sorry I forgot how great you were ❤️
  2. Haha I remember for one the IE Dublin shows, we just kept yelling at him with a friend "Shine like stars" and he just goes Oooh Oooh... We might have started yelling other stuff 🤣 and he turns around and just smile and sings it to our very shocked and embarrassed faces 😂😂 (sorry bono. Didn't mean it.)
  3. How brilliant were those young men. Gosh. Craziest part is that they still are!
  4. Someone knows why the red color? I've always wondered and be too lazy to look it up.
  5. I love how they're just looking at each others like "mindblown".. Just like the rest of us when we see them 😂
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