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  1. 'Night on the floor' is the one that really got my attention. It's such a mood seriously !
  2. It's been on repeat since I woke up lol. Really good stuff seriously. The songs sound great and the whole album just makes sense!! Hope I'll be able to catch them live someday soon.
  3. It's been on repeat since last night. Uplifting, hopeful and so much joy. Everything we needed to hear and see. Absolutely love it.
  4. "I should never have let that dude take charge of my band" 🤣🤣
  5. SERIOUSLY people. You can't just drop two vids in one day with THIS being the 2nd one. Some of us have weak hearts over here. (I'm so glad you did though.)
  6. I always like to write up a little something for Bono's birthday, I guess this year I got a bit carried away 😅 So err... yup. This : - Happy B Day - I’m no writer, I’m just a girl who likes to put words on paper. I’m not sure why the words decided to come out this way today, Maybe it’s just a big day. A B day. A day I want to celebrate like I would for any other mate, For being a music fan often means having a best friend you’ve never met. You don’t know me. I don’t know you. But through the
  7. Yup. Same. I'm absolutely in love with AOH, which might well be the grooviest version I've ever heard. Ha.... HA. I'm so excited about this gift seriously
  8. This is my earliest memory of music on TV ! (And of course it's U2 haha - fate). I was like 6 or something ? I have vivid memories of that snake... it used to terrify me lol. Thanks for yet another childhood trauma guys. The only things I really remember from that video were that snake and Bono's shirt (again... Fate ) so i'll forgive them
  9. I've been listening to these 3 tracks on repeat today. It sounds AMAZING. Can't get enough of that performance of OOC seriously, it's sooooo good. Ha. Well excited to get the whole thing... This is a great fix for my live music addiction right now !
  10. I was so bummed they dropped American Soul for the EU leg - totally understandable of course, but still... I would have loved to hear that one live. A Pro shot would be amazing 💜
  11. I think I would buy it... If they did something nice with it. I love a good boxset tbh because there's always a ton of great stuff inside... It's like a forever Christmas present - because I tend to forget about what's in there after a while 😅 I would die for a I+E/E+I one seriously... I'm sure they'd come up with great goodies on the theme of Innocence to Experience. I am an absolute stream addict but I tend to buy stuff I really like without hesitation. If I'm not mistaken there was a download link for I+E too? That's the best. Having the physical stuff AND the dematerialized vers
  12. I'd keep an eye on Feu!'s youtube channel. Dermot's uploaded his performance from the the virtual road a couple of weeks after it was taken down on his own channel
  13. I can't believe this is over..... What a BLESSING #TheVirtualRoad has been for the online community in these uncertain times. It brought us so much joy and light. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be together U2 team! Thank you mods for being the best people around as always Thank you amazing community that I love so much. ha... I'm emotionally exhausted but my heart is full. Love you all x
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