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  1. Happy 45th young lads! 

    See you sometime down the road. Much love x

  2. Everybody talk about pop musik
    Talk about, pop musik
    Talk about, pop musik
    Pop pop pop pop musik

    *getting slightly excited* 🤩

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    2. seresere


      Me too!! :POPMart_Logo:

    3. mich40


      P🌐P Musik. It’s going to be a special day. 

    4. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      *[POP for WAITING]*

  3. Happy birthday Sparky 💜

  4. Hey Zootopians! I made a little U2 Advent Calendar on my blog - nothing fancy, just a little fun and giggles! Starts tomorrow if you wanna have a look 😜

  5. Can we fast forward to next Friday? I need a party... 💥

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    2. Madfl3a


      Finally ! Someone I can trust ! Can you save my spot mate? I really need that bathroom run... Want anything from the bar tent ? 

    3. Manohlive


      Well, I had Guinness for the first time when I joined an Irish Terrier Club last February.  It was delicious.  If they have it on tap...

      Consider your spot guarded no matter.

    4. Madfl3a


      U2 pints for U2 show sounds perfect! 

  6. Ooooh. You look nice Zootopia! 

  7. Who's excited about #U244?! Sooo many things planned 🤩🤩

  8. 'If our dreams aren’t big enough to fill this moment, I say, we should go back to bed and dream up some better ones.'❤️

  9. Happy birthday B man!! ❤️🎉

  10. Well. That was fun :D

    1. mich40


      Yes it was!

  11. Thank you all for participating in the #U2getherAtHome watch along party. Great music is even better in good company!! Thanks for the fun night and see y'all next week !

    1. Manohlive


      Thank you.  It's a wonderful distraction. 

  12. Thanks for the party guys! One of the best I had from my couch. It was amaziiiiing! 

  13. Happy birthday Jazzman! Keep putting the groove into our lives! 

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