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  1. Thanks so much for this @mich40 🙏, we're up for a very special show tonight/today for sure. I don't think it's a downer, it's just reality. It was hard. it was traumatic. And i think it all touched us in different ways. It won't be easy, and it will most certainly bring a lot of emotions ... but as I remembered this morning after 3 days of freaking out about watching this show again, it also brought and will bring so much joy. I think, and as the tweets from the guys showed these past few days, it was meant to uplift our spirits, but it truly turn into a lot more than that. Ultimately th
  2. Edge's tweet (and Adam's the day before) are bringing me so much comfort. I always knew it must have been so hard for them too to come back, but to see it put into words... It really means a lot. They definitely gave us everything they had, and god knows how much we needed that. It makes me happy to know they felt how grateful we were to have them back. The show that never should have happened turned into a blessing after all... It's a gift that will never leave me ❤️
  3. Feeling compelled to post this for some reason 😇
  4. Thanks for the ride guys. Always a pleasure. Good...whatever it is on your side of the world. Meet you in Paris ! (I am so not ready for that one)
  5. Ha that's cool. Fair for everyone, I like that. Plus, I love those nights gigs. Only me and the lads - and a few dozens coffees. It's pretty perfect.
  6. Most underrated song of all times or what?! Seriously bring it back U2. It would fit any thematic these days.
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