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  1. That guitar has a voice on its own seriously. Feels like it tells the other part of the story.
  2. Those pre shows are a good call. Not sure I could have gone from sleepy sleepy right into Mofo without a heart attack .
  3. Thanks @xrayjets. I'll be listening to that for the next 16 hours now. Don't blame me if i'm crazier than usual during the show.
  4. Everybody talk about pop musik
    Talk about, pop musik
    Talk about, pop musik
    Pop pop pop pop musik

    *getting slightly excited* 🤩

    1. seresere


      Me too!! :POPMart_Logo:

    2. mich40


      P🌐P Musik. It’s going to be a special day. 

    3. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      *[POP for WAITING]*

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  5. This was soooooooo good !! So good that we're actually doing it all over again tomorrow night at 9pm GMT with the EU gang - who are a lot more sensible than me and are asleep right now - everybody's welcome !
  6. I have soooo many fun memories on Party girl. Gosh... that's the true gift of this band, not just the music but all those lifetime memories and that smile on your face.
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