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  1. Hi Paul, Did you get any answer to your questions? I also have VIP Party ticket but for Dublin 3 and I am now a bit concerned as it is GA... If there is no dedicated area for the show, we will probably end up at the end of the Arena if not queuing the GA line. Please update me if you have any info. Thanks a lot
  2. Thank you, this is for us. Let's try to make this only a one time experience!!
  3. Hi, It is not working... At the same time I started to try to get my tix with my code, Ticketmaster was giving me opportunity to buy resale tickets... This is unbelievable. It took me a while to understand why GA was 300 USD. The scalpers are now Ticketmaster and so on... This is so frustrating, we have to raise our voices!
  4. Hi Fans, The Verified Fan Experience is a disaster, I have started a petition, maybe if all the U2 Fans sign it, the band will react and corrective actions will be faster. We are the Fans, we shall all stand up to try to make a change - Please keep some courtesy in your comments, we don't want to be rude, just be heard... Sign it and ask all your U2 Fans friends to do so and keep faith!!! #withorwithoutme #U2 #U2eiTour https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/u2-experience-innocence-tour-tickets-for-fans
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