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  1. Happy Birthday to the best drummer and the sexiest man in the world!
  2. I was wondering about this myself. My friend pointed it out to me today. She found out about the vivid seats. So they are fake tickets basically? So, this isn't credit card entry? You print out your tickets?
  3. Why is that there are tickets on Vivid? My friend just pointed it out to me. Are those tickets for sale? The prices are horrid!
  4. I can't wait to see them again.....IF I can manage to get seats!!!! This time they are in my own backyard. I've always had to travel a distance to go. I have sort of an odd question...Do you think Larry and Adam have the same political views as Edge and Bono?
  5. Forgot to ask....if you have a different name on the credit card and that person isn't going...can you still use the ticket? Or does that person have to be present as well.
  6. I was just reading more of the posts and I have a better understanding of it now.
  7. So basically I wasted $$$ to get a presale code?
  8. This whole ticket thing has me confused. Do we order our tickets through the U2 site or through Ticketmaster only? When exactly do we get our presale codes? you would think they would set that up now and not at the very last moment. Do we get actual tickets or is this another credit card entry thing?
  9. theEDGEofTN


    I'm going to the Tampa show next week. i've been watching the weather for the Tampa area and I see it's supposed to rain the night of the concert. A 50% chance. What happens if it does rain? Do they do a rain check or refund of tickets or do they play in the rain?
  10. I'm new here to this site, but not new to U2. I'm 49, so I've been around since the early days of U2. I've seen them change and grow over the years. The older they get the better they get. I've only had the opportunity to see them 3 times in concert, but each one was an awesome experience. I'm hoping they come to Nashville this year! Any way...just wanted to say hello to everyone. Oh..and in case anyone is interested...I have a huge crush on the Edge. LOL Debbie
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