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  1. People move in mysterious ways..........You never know who's gonna come and bring happiness all of a sudden !!! Sorry, I'm lost for words.....Over to you, Dadano ! Goodmorning over on where i'm staying at the moment there aint much sun. But look into your heart and you will find the love and kindness a light that will not blind, takes you further then you'll ever know accros the sea of tears to show,your a child of God but have to see this life wont last eternally.(on to the everlasting) have a nice day
  2. Hahaha my first thought was Uh Oh He wouldn't make it so obvious though would he? But posting in this very topic... Ha! (This is way too much fun haha) Of course he would....He's BONO, Madflea !!! But he wouldn't admit, of course....Just a mysterious incursion .... Hahahaha you're too funny If he is then we need more selfies! (Just sayin) Hey there sister nope i am just me and that's enough though. must say that i am honoured by someone suggesting that i am. thanks for the kind remarks
  3. Greetings! Nice words! And eh if you're a zoo brother then you're never truly alone Thanx sweet sister! you bring a little Sunshine and kindness. 2 sugers in a cup of tea makes it alright for me
  4. Zoo-brothers and sisters, I greet you ! I am sitting by the Phone in a detox-zone and not to be left alone But spring is near, waiting for new flowers and sun. It's a miracle , every year, every life every song or sound.
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