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  1. Love Zooropa and U2UK - good friends of ours. Be great to see you at a U2Baby gig soon Jonno77, the fan meet at the Cavern in Liverpool was amazing - theres a couple there in 2020 and 2021... also remaining October and November gigs below - more dates out to end 2020 at http://www.theu2tributeuk.com/tours Sat 19/10/19 U2Baby Gig: Barons Quay Social, Northwich BAND ON STAGE AT TBC FREE ENTRY Sat 02/11/19 U2Baby Gig: Half Moon, Putney DOORS 7:30PM >>>>> CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS Sat 09/11/19 U2Baby Gig: MK11, Milton Keynes DOORS 8:00PM >>>>> CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS Sat 23/11/19 U2Baby Gig: Scandic Meyergarden, Norway BAND ON STAGE AT 22:00 >>>>> CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS
  2. Ah Canadanne, that's great to hear. Our gig list is always up to date here http://www.theu2tributeuk.com/tours - would be great to have you along again. I'm trying to work out which venue that was at! I can't place those steps... where was it? There's gigs all over the place on the site above but here are a few I'd say are worth a weekend, or "not weekend" for the St Patrick's day Thames cruise, away 😉 Thu 03/10/19 U2Baby Gig: Cavern Club Liverpool Sat 02/11/19 U2Baby Gig: Half Moon, Putney Sat 23/11/19 U2Baby Gig: Scandic Meyergarden, Norway Tue 17/03/20 St Patrick’s Day Thames Cruise, The BritBoat, London Here's a few photos from our trip to play in Slane last year (Boyle's of Slane, and of course a visit to the castle was inevitable!) and from Dublin the same year...
  3. No problem! Yes it would be great to see everyone on here and those interested in tributes, and we are well aware not everyone likes a tribute 😉, so that we can share the love for this amazing music. Like I said we've made some great friends in the U2 community as a result of putting on these shows and regularly communicate with the other tributes around the world. As we've always said there is only one U2... we are just fans experiencing the music in our own way... each tribute brings something special to the table I feel. We don't have any plans to get over the pond yet, but we have had a few enquiries so never say never. At the moment the furthest we've gone is Bahrain and played on the most amazing stage in Monaco which moved as we were playing to let people get onto the dance floor!!! What a memory that trip was! Never ever thought I'd get to play there but as they say, Dream Out Loud!
  4. Only just seen this thread and thanks for plugging the gigs! In answer to some of the questions asked about how does someone decide to do this! Complete chance. Being a fan since the 80s... singing the songs in your bedroom as a teenager... finding others who want to play them and then putting in a lot of hard work. Our journey all started as a bit of fun and has now turned into a second job and we are really lucky to be able to travel all over the world performing as our heroes! Massive thanks to U2 for writing such amazing songs and for being so supportive of the U2 tribute bands across the world. I've met some amazing people on this journey, and found friends in some amazing tributes who share information and the love for the music. Oh, we're U2Baby by the way. Here's a recent photo on the red carpet at the UK National Tribute Music Awards 2019... We have been very fortunate to play in Dublin as part of the U2 fan celebrations that are part of #WelcomeToTheNorthside that takes part every year at the Church in Dublin. We've done that three years running which is an honour for a bunch of guys from the west side of London! We were lucky enough to bump into Guggi at our first gig there and he said in Hotpress that he really liked what we do.... and it was easier to get in! He was very cool. In 2017 we recreated the I+E set there and I even went as far as dying my hair blonde (never again!). Reviews at: http://www.theu2tributeuk.com/reviews Videos at: http://www.theu2tributeuk.com/media Here's our promo video We're playing as part of LiverAid at Grand Central Hall in Liverpool on 26th August 2019 - a charity event that looks to feature bands that appeared at Live Aid and are also at the Cavern Club in Liverpool on the 3rd October and the Half Moon in Putney, London on 2nd November. Both of those last two have become U2 fan meets and are definitely great nights out (irrespective of the band playing ha ha). If you're in the UK it would be great to see you along at some of the gigs - its always a very friendly atmosphere and we love to chat after the show to like-minded fans. If you're further afield we're in Norway later this year in Mo I Rana and have about 20 dates booked into 2020 already too. You can get all of the tour dates and ticket links on our website at http://www.theu2tributeuk.com Be great to meet you. Love and peace, Ric Peace (singer) and the boys from U2Baby
  5. Loving SoE... can't wait to play the tunes live

    1. angelofharlem4u2


      Especially Red Flag Day, Blackout and Lights of Home :),

  6. Hi - my name's Ric. Based in UK. I sing with the U2 tribute band U2Baby that recently played at the Church in Dublin for U240 in Dublin. Guggi and Ivan McCormick were particularly complimentary about the band for both looks and sound. We love everything U2, particularly live and playing their music live. If anyone is interested we are broadcasting the Dublin shows tonight (8th October) at 8pm GMT on Mixlr. go to mixlr.com/u2baby at 8pm to tune in. Be great to see you there. Ric
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