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  1. Id love to have smaller, more intimate shows
  2. I love the young kids too... lately it seems like the '60's with all the protests and the specter of war with Russia now, that's a whole other topic!
  3. ah gee, such nice comments said with the goal of peace and understanding as well as advocacy. must be U2 fans!
  4. how many beautiful souls have we lost to drugs and alcohol? I'm afraid for jesse, as he sounded like he was spouting off after having used a substance. I think hes bleeding and hurting and I look past his statements with ease as the rants of someone who might need Musicares to step in or offer help. But yes. peter is right about his views as well. Seems like a troubled soul. Thanks Shannon for your courage (((HUGS))))
  5. Its very kind of you to give him an out. I think hes not doing very well/feeling very well. perhaps the whole thing with gun violence sets him off. I cannot imagine what hes gone through. it sounds like recovery takes a long time, if he can ever recover from so much pain.
  6. yeah, we may need some tissues, no kidding.....I know I will cry with streets!
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