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  1. Absolutely fantastic show, queued all day and managed to get to the front! The lack of food in fear of losing my spot once inside and the sun burn was so so worth it!! Just got to wait until the next tour now! always a downer when you get home. Well done U2 once again, you never disappoint x
  2. would you like to .message me your number and I can call you when I arrive
  3. Thank you so much. Enjoy the show too. lovely day for it ?
  4. just a thought ... I have 3 gate C tickets and 1 gate D so 3 of us will have to queue at C and 1 at D. do you think we could all queue at C? what do you reckon?
  5. I'm planning on turning up around 11. I thought that gates C and D are the only gates for GA entry? have to wait and see I think. thanks for reply x
  6. I have private messaged my number. very keen to swap. thanks
  7. I have 4 tickets, 3 gate C and 1 gate D. We would like to queue together. can anyone help by perhaps swapping tickets for a gate D or a Gate C etc? Also what is happening with GA queing? some people have numbers already?????? . thank you
  8. You can have my Gate D if I can have a Gate C from you? is this ok?
  9. Hi . we have four tickets, 3 of us Gate C and 1 Gate D which is really annoying. Just trying to think if we could perhaps swap somehow? let me know what you think cheers x
  10. What time are people heading to Twickenham on Saturday to start queing? xx
  11. can anyone help? I have 4 GA for 8th July, 3 with entry via D gate and 1 with entry via C gate. Anyone else have this issue who might want to swap tickets somehow? thank you in advance ?
  12. David. Would be keen to swap our 1 gate C ticket for one of your gate D tickets most definitely, are you interested? thanks
  13. I have 4 GA tickets, 3 with Gate D entry and 1 with Gate C entry. just looking at plan of Twickenham and they seem quite far apart. Does anyone else have this issue? I know a couple of you do! What sort of time are you thinking of queing up and do you think entry will be straightforward? really keen to get to the front near B stage but after many experiences in GA over the years I remember gates opening at different times and mad rushes for the stage. I always live in hope that the pre sale fan club members would get some kind of quick and easy entry or at least be at a gate with quick access!! any ideas or suggestions. thanks a lot x
  14. hi . I too have 4 GA tickets 3 of which are gate D and 1 gate C. would love to swap a gate C for a gate D so that we can all queue together. can anyone HELP? thank you in advance xx
  15. Maybe some kind of barrier for those arriving early . Hope so. Some kind of crowd control I guess. Thanks for reply x
  16. Yes I think so too. Thanks alot for your thoughts x
  17. Sorry being think but looks like no pit to me. What do you ask think?
  18. Is there going to be a pit area at London show? Thanks in advance
  19. do we expect there to be an inner circle at Twickenham? really hope so :xx
  20. Quick Question......Do you expect a front circle at Twickenham? Dont really want to queue for hours and find there is no circle? thanks alot

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