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  1. I too bought for Vegas and nothing yet from AXS or TM
  2. I went in and bought silver package tix quickly, no issues. I yet to get the in the flash seats acct i created after
  3. Take the trolley , dont walk, that area can have many homeless caps and there is currently a hepatitis issue .
  4. Trolley would be easier, yet lines on westbound trains can get hectic. Uber would be pricey due to surge pricing
  5. Agree. The venues should respect their own rules. Otherwise I can show up with my own list and so can any other so called #1 fan
  6. I will be there, would love to have a drink with fellow U2 fans
  7. people are already starting an "official fan line up" with two check ins per day. Ridiculous in my opinion. I hope the City and Stadium staff will respect their own policies
  8. Very nice detailed report.I bought RZ just to avoid waiting ll day as I have to work to afford my vice. Hopefully I will see you in San Diego and if i may, I would like to buy you a beer
  9. I received my VIP silver gift on Wednesday. It had a commemorative medallion, ticket nice booklet and a harmonica. I went to Rose Bowl I
  10. Good luck, there doesn't appear to be redzone left. I got two during presale
  11. Smart choice taking the trolley,just be patient since westbound trains are always packed after events.
  12. I will tailgate, come say hi and share a beer
  13. angel_28

    VIP Tour Gift

    If I am not mistaken, that is the gift for subscribers, not the one for purchasing VIP Tickets during presale.
  14. angel_28

    VIP Tour Gift

    I also am curious about this, have not heard anything from LiveNation
  15. Are these being mailed out to us that bought VIP tickets., Gold or Silver?
  16. Hotels in Pasadena are gone, at least for Saturday night. Try Airbnb or further away and uber to the stadium
  17. I too would like to know what the VIP gift will be.
  18. They are selling them on the rose bowl website.
  19. So I bought 2 VIP silver tickets the first day of presale, just so I wouldn't be left out. Besides the higher price and being able to print at home instead of CC entry, anyone else know what else is included?
  20. Cant wait till May

  21. I too booked the Westin using y points. Still wondering if I should walk or Uber it
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