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  1. Yes, I know, but extracts is just a small part of the program. Why do North American fans get more original content of the band members?
  2. It's been more than a year now and I would like to bring up this topic again. Would be great if the content of U2xRadio could be listened to in all parts of the world. I somehow feel like I miss a lot of news on my favourite band.
  3. With or without you might be the only video where I'd like to have the old version back. The high resolution with the clear colours and sharp outlines irritate me somehow.
  4. I ordered a T-shirt. The amount was charged to my credit card soon after that but no merch arrived. After several weeks I used the contact function to ask about the status. The answer was that the shipment would still take time because the merch would arrive late from the US. I was finally able to cancle the order and it took several more weeks until the money was refunded to my credit card. The amount is not the same due to the change of exchange rate from Euro to British Pounds and of course the fee was charged twice. Anyway: this is definitely the last time I ordered something from there.
  5. I was able to go to where I wanted to with the slidebar.
  6. Is there no way to stream it again?
  7. This is sooooo beautiful. I can't stop watching it!
  8. My subscription was due to expire tomorrow (Dec 30 2019). When I checked my account today the expiry date was changed to Jan 31 2020 without any action on my side.
  9. Wow! Acrobat and Who's gonna ride your wild horses and Love is bigger ..... I could go on and on. It sounded great even though I only heard it via mixlr. I can't wait to see those songs live and I really hope that they will be played in Europe.
  10. It's not about touts. Ticketmaster is the first trying to rip off fans. They would not let me order the GA tickets I wanted and kept offering me high price tickets instead. We were smarter and got the tickets we needed logging in from another computer but I don't think this is the way customers should be treated and whenever I can buy tickets from another provider I will do.
  11. Wanted to buy 2 GA Tickets for Berlin but all I got offered was tickets in the highest priced seats. My husband then got GA tix when ordering lowest price category. lol - we got what we wanted!
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