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  1. I have 2 Platinum seat tix available (excellent seats) for the 20th. Actually 4 but 2 are on hold pending payment. Please contact me if you are interested. $485 face value, they are PDF tix so I can email them to you right away. They are section 5L Row 43.
  2. Hello all, I have 4 tickets next to each other for sale, PLATINUM amazing seats available in Section 5-L Row 43. $490 per ticket, sold at face value and I will cover the fees. SATURDAY show at the Rose Bowl. I will also have 1 VIP parking pass if interested. Paypal ok, have PDFs of ticket so easy for me to send to you via email. Don't miss out on this amazing concert! Also listed on StubHub but at higher price due to their fees. Please PM me ASAP if interested.
  3. I like my music loud but at the IE concert, I had a headache and actually thought about leaving about 30 min early. I stuck it out but popped tylenol in the car on the way home. Def bringing earplugs for the whole fam.
  4. Awesome Lobmans! What a great job you did. The guy sounds so nice! . Thanks for making my day a little brighter with this story.
  5. Thank yu for the excellent posts! It gives me a good idea what to expect now. Glad we got it although I am not sure it will be "worth it" in the end because really, I would just want to meet the band -- or be one of the crowd. Right now they made us buy 2 sets of 2 tickets so we are split up although in the same section. I am going to try to get general seats together through VIP tomorrow but their system would not let me last week. I called them and they said we could refund those if we wished. We shall see what tomorrow brings.... I just want great seats!
  6. We bought 4 tix for LA and are very excited about how great the seats are but the rest of the description for these pricy tickets seems pretty unexciting. Has anyone done the party? Is it just a buffet in the stadium? I envision hot dogs and beer. Lol. Also what sort of merchandise does it come with? I'd appreciate any insight.
  7. ROFL!! THANKS for the laughs. Did you get them? I think you can "buy on map" on TM now... We camped out in LA in 1986 for the show at the LA Coliseum. Agree it was way more fun...
  8. For VIP the only option was will call... FYI. Which means ID needed and ticketless entry. I am happy about that as those tix are so high priced (over $2000) with resellers usually. This will go a long way to prevent scalpers.
  9. We booked the Westin on Starwood points. Going up Friday and staying until Sun AM! So excited. Got VIP tix this AM-- thankfully with no problems. Best birthday ever....
  10. I purchased VIP too for the great seats. I would love to know the other perks. They said preparty (I am assuming WITHOUT the band) and merchandise... but no details. This is for the Rose Bowl. I have to say I bought mostly for the great seats they offered! So I am happy either way. But would love to know when it all starts, what it involves, etc. Also tix only available by willcall with no option to get it beforehand, which is a major pain at the Rose Bowl since it is a huge place with poor parking and access...
  11. Yahoo! Got VIP tix to Rose Bowl! Now it seems closed because my friend just tried and could not get in with her "B" code to any level tickets. But at 9am I was able to secure 2 tix (2 sets of 2, it would not let me do 4 at one time). Maybe they changed it now because it all seems locked now unless you have Red Hill level codes.
  12. So Rose Bowl is all credit card entry and yet StubHub has over 600 resale tix for the show already??? How does all this add up?
  13. Did TM have a "holding room" that you had to stay in to get tix last time (window that pops up that keeps you in line)? It should not crash, right? I mean we are all buying at diff times (PST should only have those on sale that are in the right time zone) so max about 100,000 tix? That SHOULD be ok?!
  14. Thank you! This is very helpful. I will try to get disabled for the LA concert as my Mom and Dad want to come and they are both disabled. I didn't realize you can exchange later. I hope Ticketmaster is the US is equally helpful.... If anyone in the US has done presale disabled, please let me know how it went...
  15. Yes I have the same question/complaint. Do we have to wait 3h to try for VIP tickets, which we know nothing about the details of? By that time, likely the shows will be sold out! It seems pretty darn lame...
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