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  1. How do I know if I have tickets left to buy with my code. I know this has been asked, but it didn't really answer my question.We have 2 accounts - mine and my son has one too. I bought 4 tickets on the first leg but can't remember which code I used for which ticket. Right now both accounts are showing codes with no lines through them, indicating that there are still tickets to buy with them, but what I really need to know is how many tickets I have left on each account. As I am only buying for 1 show in the next leg but want 2 tickets, so hoping one of the accounts has the entitlement. I will be attending with my son, so it doesn't matter which account we use, just want to ensure its the right one. So wish I could do more shows, its such a long way from Australia. Why do we miss out again? Is there anyway to find this out? Someone I could contact/email?
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