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  1. I understand. I did manage to get RZ for Prudential Center, so I'm extremely happy about this! I was just hoping to catch them a 2nd time as well. I'll try again during the general sale.
  2. Tried to get RZ for 2nd MSG show. No luck.
  3. I wonder if Bono will come over by the branch in RZ tonight. He didn't at all at last night's show but Adam and Edge did several times. He doesn't seem to go to that area of RZ during this tour.
  4. After we checked in @ 4 (we were numbered before check in) and got our ticket we were then then brought to security where we waited for an additional half hour or longer. Then, once through security we lined up by number against a wall and waited for Emma to escort us inside. If I were you I'd make sure you were back in time for the 4 o'clock check in if you're getting there early anyway.
  5. RZ people, just an FYI- I got to the RZ line-up yesterday around 1:30-2:00 and was #12 in line. Got the rail behind Edge's piano on B stage. The people right behind me arrived a few hours later and still were able to get an excellent spot.
  6. Thanks for the helpful info. So now I know I will definitely not be running!
  7. There is no need to apologize. Take care of yourself, rest, and see them another time! <3
  8. I'm 5'2'' and would love to be 5'6" or 5'7"! I have an issue at every single show I go to since I'm so short, so my goal is to get the rail right by Edge's keyboard and then move around accordingly afterwards. Even though there were RZ guides escorting people onto the fields, did people still make a run for it? I ran my ass of when they let RZ in for ie @ msg, and I plan to do so again this time around!
  9. I have RZ and had to switch my cc number by calling TM, and they provided me with the info I needed to send them to verify everything. A few days after emailing them a rep called me back stating that since my tix are will call (they're not) and not CC entry (they are) I don't need my credit card for entry. He was clearly misinformed by bis supervisor and I had to go through the whole thing about RZ, CC entry, etc and he was trying to convince me that I was wrong. After going back and forth for awhile I told him to just switch it over for my peace of mind. I guess it depends on the rep you speak to, but don't let them convince you otherwise if they tell you that you don't need to switch your cc#.
  10. Does anyone know if they will be opening the parking lot earlier than 2pm to allow for RZ/GA line-up? Since people are lining up extremely early, it seems as though this is what they are doing in other venues. I'm driving in and hoping to que up as early as I can. The only way to get to the stadium is to drive or use public transportation, so how will everyone line up early if they can't get in til 2pm?
  11. I'm in Wires group but took a chance and was able to get RZ during the first presale. I was very lucky, but I feel bad for those that were unable to get good seats due to this glitch/oversight. I know that if I had waited til yesterday I probably wouldn't have been so fortunate.
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