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  1. Hi, I read a recommendation elsewhere online to set up a Flash Seats account with the address of your hotel in US. I did this and can now see the tickets in my account. Flights booked and hotel booked - heading from NI and can't wait..!
  2. any updates? Got mine via flashseats but nothing appearing in my account
  3. So decided to roll the dice - thnaks for your help Max. UK based; gonna try for Vegas; renewed, linked and ready to go. Vegas will be a massive bonus; hope I haven't ruined Europe for myself if I miss out on Vegas though. Does anyone know what time (UK) the Vegas presale will open?
  4. Hi, based in UK; really interested in trying for Vegas. If I setup a Ticketmaster US account, verify etc and then miss out on US will I still be able to use my presale code for Europe or by linking a Ticketmaster US account have I messed things up?
  5. I had trouble getting €70 seated tickets as kept getting automatically allocated pitch tickets - got sorted in finish up. I would suggest as time now lapses and allocated tickets not purchased become available there will be plenty of pitch tickets.
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