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  1. When they dropped Staring at the Sun I lost my shit. I made three predictions or things I would love to see. 1. Song from Pop 2. Macphisto 3. Hold me thrill me kiss me kill me. Acrobat was an added bonus. Needless to say that if they dropped Crumbs I would probably pass out from excitment. That is one of my all time favorite U2 songs. I hope they slide it in on another tour date so we can Youtube it.
  2. Hey all. The show was once again amazing. A spiritual experience as it is. I was able to take my young sons to show them what I am always talking about. They had on teal shits that said “my first U2 concert + innocence experience 2018.” Some people asked to take pictures of them to post. If anyone has them I would like a copy or link please. If they made it to Zootopia it would blow their minds! please no lectures of strangers taking pics of my kids. U2 concert we are all family lol.
  3. You have a good point. I did not word my thought properly. I was trying point out that to expect U2 to create an album that sounds like those mentioned would be a disservice to the band as well as the fans. Why would we want any band to stick to 1 formula or sound for all of time? I did not leave off Zooropa or others for any reason particular save that they may not have been as "big" or popular in general. Zooropa is one of my favorites and I listen to it frequently, especially on night drives in the GTI. Again, one of the reasons U2 have done so well for so long is their ability to remain relevant in the current musical environment. Not to mention they stay on the pulse of the times. If you look at my post I was responding to a quote which included the words on Simple Minds and others, those were not my words. If I recall I pointed out the way their sound/albums evolve over time. BTW, I recently discovered the rest of the Simple Minds catalog (beyond Dont Forget About Me). They have been a daily listen for a while.
  4. Hope this is a goodbye album? Heresy! I have seen so many comments about SoE not sounding like "U2" with most comparisons referencing the older materials. There will not be another War, Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby and nor should there be. Why do you think that U2 has been able to be as large as they are for as long as they have? Their music always changes, they always evolve. Some people hate it some people love it. Zooropa and Pop were a giant leap for alot of fans who prefer their older music. I personally love them. What band can make music in nearly any genera of rock (some blues and others) while making it their own? They still sell out concerts and win awards. They still rock your face off live. They still write good music. NLOTH had mixed reviews however it is great, yet it came out when bands like Imagine Dragons and Kings of Leon were getting big. That album reflects that. They can remain in the spot light by taking some modern flavor of the times and put the U2 spin on it. Pop, did the same for the 90s. Some albums stand out more than others, sure, and how to rank them is a matter of opinion as it is very subjective. I personally love all of the albums for their own reasons. They resonate with me because of a particular feeling they evoke or they become a soundtrack for a period of my life. To say one would hope they quit after SoE? That just doesn't make sense. They are not doing what most "classic" rock bands do when they become a tribute or release materials no one hears. They are still right up front making music that is up with the times. SoE for one has so much heart N soul. You want vulnerability, how about the way Bono recognizes his ego and also realizes he is mortal? Also, this has some of the best drums and bass lines that they have used in a while. So much momentum. I can see what you were saying however the godobye album part just hit me wrong. We all have our opinions though and I can respect that. --END RANT--
  5. Some of these comments are hard to read. Jaded is the word that comes to mind....
  6. I am stunned. I have goose bumps. The album is big, the sounds are big. They fill your mind and fill your soul. You FEEL this album partly due to the momentum in the bass n' drums. They reached into their U2 sound toolbox and built a winner with some new tricks too. The arrangement of sounds really works. Many have said it feels like listening to ATYCLB all over again and I would agree. Not that they sound the same, but they feel similar. It begs to be listened as a whole versus single by single. My vinyl player will LOVE this one. Combine Experience with Innocence for an epic sonic experience. Some have complained how they re-hashed some ideas and sounds from Innocence however I disagree. They made the dual album concept really work. You can hear the connections and see them in your mind. Well done lads, well done indeed. Can't wait to take my boys to see the show.
  7. I did the subscription presale and the verified fan registration. I do not have a Citibank card.
  8. So, what are my options if I have a subscription presale code however need more than 2 tickets? If i wait for the verified fan presale as a subscription member will I get a code so I can get up to 4? My kids are all minor so we need to sit together. What are my options?
  9. So for Christmas I was going to get myself and my two boys tickets for the show however presale is restricted to 2 tickets? I then find out that the lottery that is verified fan can get up to 4 IF you get a code? How can I get tickets for myself and my boys. I need 3, but would like 4. I am not finding any good information on what to do.
  10. omnivox

    Joshua Tree Houston

    Loved how they used the tree last night. wonderful lighting effects.
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