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  1. Hi Brendan........ Just an update... I WILL TAKE THOSE TICKETS Please contact me as soon as you see this, so we can make arrangements Here is my email address: MOD EDIT: PLEASE DO NOT POST PERSONAL INFORMATION (EMAIL ADDRESS/PHONE NUMBER/ETC ON THE BOARD. USE THE PMs. Thanks THANK YOU! Tony
  2. Hi Brendan..... I'm 99% sure I could take those tickets.... could you please reply via the private messaging system and we can talk there?? THANK YOU! Tony
  3. I think I got it...... Since this is a "Throwback" tour of sorts......U2 has to go through the time machine....and chronicle where they came from, and how they matured to the point of "Joshua Tree"...which will be the centerpiece of the show....and where that maturity brought them to. With that in mind...I envision a "chronology" that takes them right up to 2018 and "Songs of Experience".....Of course, not everything can be represented. Sorry if you're a big "Pop" fan Here's how I imagine the setlist to play out. SET ONE (11 Songs) I Will Follow Gloria Sunday Bloody Sunday New Year's Day A Sort Of Homecoming Bad......... ----Side one of JT-----red screen, organ buildup Streets Still Haven't Found With Or Without You Bullet The Blue Sky Running to Stand Still BREAK-INTERMISSION SET TWO (12 songs) ----Side two of JT----easy opening with Red Hill Mining Town In God's Country Trip Through Your Wires One Tree Hill Exit Mothers Of The Disappeared ----wild applause, but gotta rock it out, so.... Until The End Of The World Acrobat **Stay (Faraway So Close) **---acoustic version on "B" Stage **Stuck In A Moment **Sometimes You Can't Make It **Every Breaking Wave Encores (2 songs) Miracle (of Joey Ramone) One
  4. I got (RED)Zone at about 9:01....it went so smoothly I figured something was wrong. I kept checking my TM account all day, but yes, it's there!
  5. Hello all... My first post actually. I'm a big Rush fan...and in 2011, they did the same thing...30th Ann of "Moving Pictures". I'm guessing U2 will do TWO sets.... First set--45 mins Break Second set--Joshua Tree Encores ***I think this will be the way it goes*** It allows for the big, huge, Streets cathedral organ buildup, and will get everyone pumped for set 2 ----OR----- First set, that ends with Side One of JT Break Second set, beggining with Side Two of JT....few more songs, then encore.... Tony
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