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  1. Any idea when this going to be confirmed? When to the show in Belfast in 2015 and it was a great concert the sse arena (odessey arena as many still know it) Was a great venue for it and idprefer to go to it over the 3 arena this time again
  2. That's a bit strange I've been able to purchase wheelchair tickets for the last 2 tours via ticketmaster.ie for gigs in Belfast and dublin and got access to the presale like any other member (have been able to do same for loads of other concerts in Ireland too like guns n roses on slane last year and when acdc played the Aviva few years back) Can you not purchase the disabled ticket over the phone from ticketmaster.co.uk?
  3. Looks that way but who knows. This the 2nd indoor tour in a row Irish fans left in limbo over dates etc when fans in rest of Europe can make plans on where to go see them etc
  4. So now those of us in Ireland are 5he only country delayed waiting for the announcement of our dates. Don't know why this full announcement couldn't of been stalled a few more weeks to finalise these dates and announce everything together
  5. I like so many others am surprised they didn't announce a 2nd night in croke park as I was sure they would do (seeing as the stadium free and the croke park hotel was fully booked all weekend before the announcement was made) Croke park already 3 concerts a year and only 2 announced atm but with the way the gaa season is there isn't alot of free space for gigs now u2 and Coldplay have the free weekends in july. All of this still makes me feel there's a chance of them doing a 2nd night
  6. the wheelchair accessible platform in pitch 2
  7. Know people who have just bought pitch 1 GA tickets for croke park so there definitely still tickets available
  8. Might be different using other ticketmaster sites but I'm after ordering wheelchair disabled access tickets for the gig in croke park using presale with no bother at all. Just have to ring ticketmaster.ie up and order over the phone once you have a presale code
  9. Getting disabled tickets for the croke park gig tomorrow as brother in a wheelchair. Been trying to fund information on them all week and finally got my answer this morning from ticketmaster customer care They priced at €76 plus booking fee and that is for the wheelchair platforms in the pitch 2 area (normally these are at the back of the pitch so delighted to know will have a decent view for once). You also get a free carers ticket for that price. They told me even though presale begins at 9am (I'm in the wires group) that they be able to sort us out if ring from 8.30am tomorrow
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