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  1. Think there's any chance of getting RZ tickets for the Rose Bowl show if I'm in the Wires presale group?
  2. namiry


    Thanks. If I can get two RZ tix on my Wires presale on Thursday I will certainly do that. It's a ton of cash but this is a once in a lifetime show.
  3. I'm in the Wires presale group and will be buying RED tickets if we can get them on Thursday morning for the Rose Bowl. It's money to a good cause, we don't have to wait in a crazy GA line, we'll be tucked right up in a dream spot between both parts of the stage, and since we're in our 30s and not into being pushed/shoved, we don't have to contend with 10,000 of our closest friends trying to jockey for position. Money well spent as far as I'm concerned, especially since this is a Holy Grail show for me-- I've often said to friends that my ultimate concert if I could time travel would be U2 on the Joshua Tree tour!
  4. namiry


    Anyone know about pricing for the Rose Bowl? EDIT: Specifically trying to figure out if Red Zone is going to be in the cards for us.
  5. Anyone have a guess as to whether Red Zone will be available for Rose Bowl on Thursday? I am in the Wires presale group.
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