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  1. My experience for the 360 tour in red zone was not so good as I was in RZ-2 and would have preferred to be on the EDGE side RZ-1. Personally, I think that they should make the RZ a "bubble" around the entire "tree" including stage front. They could put more ppl in (comfortably) and possibly reduce the price a bit. WIN WIN
  2. Can anybody tell me how much the RED ZONE packages are for US dates and is that the only RZ option? Thanks in advance! why is there a linw through my text?
  3. If I join today. Will my code be there in my account as you describe or is there actually an "activation" email etc protocol? My goal...although quite lofty, is to buy 4 Red Zones on day 2. Wishful thinking? Do you think red zones will be coupled with pax? thanks in advance!
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