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  1. I was actually pretty astonished at how painless this was this morning. So that's the good news. And yeah! We will def have to meetup before. It's pretty cool that it's a Saturday.
  2. I am currently sitting on six tickets, three from the u2 code and three from the Bears code, just kind of waiting to see what happens and hoping like hell I don't lose all of them. Ticketmaster said they'd leave me with four but I'm pretty freaked out right now.
  3. Hey, so I bought with the Bears presale code the first time and then ended up getting the tickets I wanted with the u2 code and Ticketmaster told me they couldn't take any tickets back but that I was gonna end up losing some tickets. So, if you're gonna do this, be careful.
  4. eej

    Presale Audit

    There was a lot of "but I don't even WANT these tickets" and "you can just take them back" and other incredibly stressful conversations so we'll see how it goes.
  5. eej

    Presale Audit

    Yeah, which is why I completely omg freaked out when I discovered the issue and tried to correct it immediately. There was a huge to-do with Ticketmaster but I was told repeatedly that they'll just end up canceling my tickets that went over the limit so fingers crossed! I just was wondering when it would be safe.
  6. I wanted to see the PopMart tour when I was in high school but I was living with my grandmother for a while and she wouldn't let me fly back to attend with my boyfriend - epic sads for us, it sounds like it was a GREAT show. But it does sound like your mom certainly made up for it. I'm glad you have such good memories with her and I'll think of you two in Chicago. <3It was pretty funny how she turned down the PopMart tour. I was watching TV when an ad for the tour came on. It was very colorful (it was showing a bit of the "Discotheque" video) and I was amazed. I grabbed the closest notepad and pen I could find to write down the date and venue for Houston when I saw it scroll down the screen. I think the date was either October or November 28, 1997, almost 8 years to the day I finally saw them. Anyway, I went running into the bathroom with the notepad to show my Mom. I was sure she needed to know! Lol She was washing her face and I came in saying "Mommy, I saw these guys on TV and they have a show coming to town on this day and it looks really fun! Can we go?" She stopped, looked at the date on the paper, and said "No, I have to work that night!" I did the sad walk back to my room. I don't know if I even knew what I was looking at when I saw that ad, but it looked cool. Will you be at the Chicago show? It's so weird how we remember things like that and learn starting there. Like I said, I just remember that big poster hanging over my aunt's bed and here I am. It's also pretty funny that we were both thwarted on that tour by ladies in charge. : ) It seriously looked like she was gonna go for it for a minute and then, no, nothing. It was very sad. But here we are today and that's pretty awesome. : ) I will be! Ticketmaster snafus aside, I should be good to go - which ones are you heading to?
  7. I would lose my friggin' mind if they played "Acrobat" and "Sweetest Thing" anywhere but those two making an appearance with "Please" leading into The Joshua Tree portion of the set would probably send me into cardiac arrest. I mean, it'd be worth it. But don't be surprised if that's the set and you read the news item...
  8. I wanted to see the PopMart tour when I was in high school but I was living with my grandmother for a while and she wouldn't let me fly back to attend with my boyfriend - epic sads for us, it sounds like it was a GREAT show. But it does sound like your mom certainly made up for it. I'm glad you have such good memories with her and I'll think of you two in Chicago. <3
  9. Hi! I bet y'all have had a thousand hellos and new face lately but I wanted to chime in. I'm erin but you can call me eej, all my friends do. Why am I here? Well, I'm not sure I knew it was a thing before now, which is sad. I know. Sorry. On the larger scale, one of my earliest memories is of standing in my aunt's bedroom staring up at her Under A Blood Red Sky poster up against some spectacularly salmon colored walls. I later stole her cassette copy of The Joshua Tree when I was 10 and haven't looked back since. Someone I went to high school with told me that their main memory of me is a screaming fight we had on a speech and debate bus about the validity of Rattle & Hum. I finally saw U2 live at the 360 tour and had the following exchange with my bestie: "Well, we've seen U2, what do we do now?" "We die happy?" "..." "Or we go see U2 again." So I chose to go see U2 again and joined up to make sure that happened. So hi, hello, heya! I live right outside StL with my husband and a herd of cats. I work from home for a car rental company you might have heard of and am also going back to school. I occasionally write about comics for playback:stl and I drink a lot of craft beer and probably talk a lot of nonsense. Pleased to meetcha.
  10. eej

    Presale Audit

    I KNEW IT. I was like "so you're telling me you don't run the audit for the tickets you sold?" And they were like "nope!" and I was like ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? And they were like "yup, the venue or the promoter does that!" (Sidebar: you have a PM from me on this and can toooootes delete this if it's already being addressed elsewhere, I was just wondering when tickets normally get canceled.)
  11. eej

    Presale Audit

    Hey! So I just got off the phone with ticketmaster for, like, the fourth time on an issue that I freely admit is my fault because I'm an excitable dork but is also a little their fault because I've gotten four different wrong answers on this and when I was like "look, if you're going to cancel my tickets, can you at least cancel the seats and not the GA?" and they were like "lol no because there's a report that we don't run that audits that that will just automatically credit your first order, even if it's canceled in our system, and cancel your second order", they were unable to tell me who runs that report or audits the presales and when that happens. And when I was like "seriously, not a clue?", they were like "ha, no, we just sell the tickets?" And I took another swig of my beer and breathed in through my nose. Does anyone know who does the audit and cancels the tickets? If you have had your tickets canceled in the past, do you remember when it happened? I'm trying to decide if I should try for GA tickets in the public sale since I would end up under that limit and just let the chips fall where they may on my other tickets but if the audit happens before the public sale, I may not need to do that. And if it happens after, I want to make sure I'm not selling someone tickets that might get canceled. (I know and I'm sorry, this *is* absurd and y'all get first crack at my extra tickets if this works out.)
  12. Well, from what you say, doesn't sound good. Actually, it's not clear--were the two accounts both in your name? If so, you're clearly over the presale limit. You're also in trouble if it was the same credit card. Apparently, I'm in trouble all around. It sounds like they're going to knock off two of my GA tickets and leave me with one GA and the three super upper deck tickets so all isn't lost. I'm just like "yo, if you're going to cancel some but not all of my tickets anyway, how about dropping a note in there to cancel the ones I don't want?" It is hilariously awful at this point. I'm going to drink beer and shop at the giant H&M and see u2 in June in some part of the stadium, which puts me up in the game anyway, and this will be screamingly funny but right now I'm just like "you are an idiot, eej, a blue-headed fool."
  13. (Other than traveling back in time and telling myself to calm the heck down? My kingdom for a TARDIS. Probably a couple other people's, too, come to think of it. We could timeshare.)
  14. I accidentally bought reserved and GA seats on two different codes due to a panic moment and I'm over the presale limit. Ticketmaster is refusing to help me out and said I could lose two or all of my tickets up to a week before the show in review. I talked to them the day I bought the tickets and they indicated I wouldn't have a problem. Any thoughts on how to fix my dilemma?
  15. SO EXCITING AMIRIGHT?!?! There was some existential despair earlier, maybe a little bit of extra ticket buying (TM is letting me resell at their site: frown at the fee, smile at getting what I *really* wanted) but we have tickets! Huzzah!
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