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  1. We'll see what prices are at the general public sale, but in the past they have already been significantly less. What's the point of having a "fan" sale if you are going to jack up the prices during the pre-sale? I mean I guess all the rich fans get to see the show.
  2. Title says it all. I don't see what benefit being a fan club member gets you? The opportunity to purchase tickets at 5 times what they are worth? Worst pre-sale ever. If they had told us pricing ahead of time I would have not wasted my time.
  3. What a shame as a fan club member, we are entitled to purchase tickets that cost 5-10 times more than they are worth. You should be ashamed to sell tickets for $329 a piece plus fees equal $750 for two tickets. This is a travesty. As a fan club member we expect to be able to buy tickets at a reasonable price, hopefully the same price as general sales customers. We should be offered tickets at a reasonable price. This is unfair to long term fans. Shame on you
  4. Are all floor seats General Admission or are some of these reserved? They were $70 each. Also says: MAIN FIELD SEATING CLUB AREA AND AMENITIES ARE "NOT" AVAILABLE PRICE LEVEL 2 Any help is greatly appeciated...
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