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  1. Anybody have any luck during the presale?
  2. Anyone know roughly how many GAs are sold for the arena shows? 


  3. I've been to Ford Field for football games, the Rolling Stones ('05), and the NCAA hockey championship game a few years back. I have NEVER had a good experience there. Staff is astoundingly rude, traffic and parking are nightmares, and prices are ridiculous. U2 is probably the one event that could get me to go back.
  4. Sorry - I just found out I can make the Detroit show. Found a few GAs on StubHub. Are the GAs @ Ford Field hard tickets? We had wristbands in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Thanks!
  5. Do they typically sell out during the first day of pre-sales? Wondering if there is a chance to get RZ tomorrow (Thursday) when my code is enabled.
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