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  1. This was confusing for me because TM says I can transfer or re-sell my tickets for Boston that were purchased through the pre-sale. Is it possible this varies by venue?
  2. ***UPDATE*** TM is saying that I can re-sell the tickets through them. If I don't want the buyer to pay more than face value then I have to take a hit on the sale price,so I guess that's the option. (These were not CC entry tickets they said) I miss the old days I tell ya!
  3. Same problem here with Boston tickets. I posted about it just now, but I have an extra pair now, TM said to re-sell, but I didn't think I could, PLUS to re sell they tack another "commissions" fee on to the tickets,so either the seller has to sell for below face value or the buyer has to pay above face value. It's just all very confusing and yucky!
  4. Hi all, I had a rough time getting pre-sale tickets for Boston as I am sure everyone else did too. I ended up with tickets in the 300 section, so I got those even though they were more expensive than expected. I now have 2 people in my group that can't spend that much so I have 2 extra tickets.(gotta love that, huh?)Anyways,TM is saying I can't do much except sell them but here are the issues: I didn't think they could be re-sold and if I did sell through TM they want to tack on a commissions fee to whoever buys them! I don't want anyone to have to pay more than face value so I don't want to
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