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  1. Honestly, the RZ for this tour is not worth it. I saw them in San Jose in the RZ and was very disappointed. Not next to the stage and terrible for the whole time they are on the small stage. You can run out of the red zone for those portions but then when you come back your spot is taken. The good news is the arena was small enough that you do feel close pretty much everywhere, and in the RZ you are able to still see the screens, which is why they dont have it up against the stage I am sure.
  2. Totally agree. This is a poor setlist, at least for me. I saw San Jose 1, and I had planed to see them in LA as well but after seeing the show I'm probably going to skip LA. Its a travesty they aren't playing Little Things or Landlady or Summer of Love. Glad they put Red Flag Day into the set though I didnt get to see it. Wild Horses one of my favorite U2 songs ever, and of course they dropped it from the setlist. San Jose 1 was my least favorite U2 show ever - and I have seen them literally dozens of times all over the world. And, I really like the new album - they're just not playing t
  3. yes, I was in RZ for the Joshua Tree, but it appears to be a different layout this tour based on seat maps. Just wondering how it was last night if anyone was there...
  4. For people who went to the show last night, how as the Red Zone for this tour? On the seatikgcharts, it appears RZ is kind of far from both center stage and also the walkway/e stage. I'm trying to decide whether it is even worth being in the RZ for this tour as from the seating charts, it doesn't seem to give much of a benefit...loveto hear reports from last night...
  5. Anyone else think that U2 will be the headliner this year alongside Beyonce? They've said more than once that they want to play there...
  6. I am obsessed with this album. So many incredible songs that get better and better the more you listen to them. The Little Things is rapidly becoming one of my favorite U2 songs ever - just phenomenal.
  7. Are purchased tickets transferable / resalable? Is it credit card entry this time around?
  8. are the tickets re-saleable / transferable this time around?
  9. Red Zone looks like a waste if this design is correct - you are never close to anything! the B stage is too far away, and center main stage is also nowhere close.
  10. Red zone looks like a terrible option for this tour if that is accurate. You're guaranteed never to be close to anything! What a terrible design.
  11. tried and got none at 10:02 am for rosebowl #2 through either the app or online. Grrrrr.
  12. I tried for LA night 2 RZvia the app, exactly at 9am and got shut out for RZ.
  13. Pretty sure the tickets bought w presage code are cce- and ineligible for resale. Tix purchased during general sale have no restrictions on resale unless GA or RZ.
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