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  1. That's for Tuesday night, in case it wasn't clear.
  2. Ticketmaster has GA tickets available. Maybe this is old news, but I was surprised. Guess I'm going both nights now!
  3. I don't totally blame U2 for charging $300+ for good seats. If they charged less it would only mean more profits for the scalpers, who will find the market price regardless. And I'm sure many a scalper has figured out that they can get a U2.com membership for $40 and then sell the tickets they get for a $400 profit. That's per membership, so I'm sure they get many. I guess U2 is trying to figure out which memberships are scalpers, but they won't be able to catch everyone. The only way to truly get rid of scalpers would be if everyone refused to buy from them. That's what I do: I never pay
  4. Wow. I had to get to work and figured it was better to get two seats than nothing. For the general sale on Monday I will try for GA again and not give up for a couple hours at least.
  5. Nice. I was on top of it, but not able to get San Jose GAs. Tried for 30 minutes, then settled for a couple seats higher up (didn't feel like paying over $300 for the close ones). Will try for GAs during the regular sale and using the various other methods. Was (pleasantly) surprised to see the Ticketmaster map showing a lot of available seats even 30 minutes after the iNNOCENCE presale had started. Either they gave a lot more tickets to the presale or my fellow fans were not settling for anything less than GA.
  6. I think Bono didn't come in at the right time, but maybe Adam tripped him up a little? Or maybe he forgot the words? The audience seemed to know when to start.
  7. Wow, what an incredible show! They came roaring out of the gate with Larry's pounding drums, and kept ratcheting up the intensity through the first 9 songs. It's the next morning and I'm still coming down. Obviously great to hear Joshua Tree played front to back, but then it does give you appreciation for the difference in flow between an album and a concert. But of course it was majestic, and would have been even without the incredible visuals we were treated to on that big, beautiful screen. From up near the B stage the sound was also fantastic, the best I've ever heard in a stadium.
  8. Agreed. Whenever the band gets close everyone holds up their phones to take pictures and videos, blocking the views of people who want to watch with…you know…their eyes. Hundreds of people taking the exact same video. Can't we elect one person to film and post it on YouTube for the rest of us? If I wanted to watch the show through a screen, I would have bought nosebleeds. Even if you don't care about the people behind you, do yourself a favor and live in the moment. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is hardly unique to U2. This is all concerts now. Remember when people used to take "no recor
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