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  1. Sorry I tried..but pic file too big. Basicly I'm in sect 106 row 14 and seats 1 and 2..closet to 107. We can see whole stage and screen with just upper right blocked at very top but no video there just lights. If you are behind us and towards 105 your view will get more obstruction of video board but you can still see stage fine.
  2. Lucked out..we can see whole stage unobstructed but people behind us not so lucky
  3. We are in section 106 row 14 towards 107 so hoping we will be just under overhang and be good for sound and out of any rain..
  4. mod edit - email removed we are not able to verify / check email addresses are valid - best thing to do is share via PM and check independently where possible
  5. I haven't received info either. Original info said we should receive specifics a couple of days before show via email.
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