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  1. I have a TM account in the US and in Ireland. If I link my TM US account now, will I be able to make a change and link to my Ireland account when the European tour is announced? I plan on going to Dublin for this. Does anyone know? Thanks, Tom
  2. I have now seen them 3 times on this tour. NY, Dublin and Paris. The energy at Croke Park was much more intense than the other venues. I felt the crowd really set the tone for a great night with the sing along to Whole of The Moon before U2 took the stage. To me, that was amazing! Have not seen that at the other shows. Agree about the setlist though. Last night in Paris was the exact same set in the exact same order as Croke Park. But I guess with the big screen being synched with the music, there can't really be too many changes.
  3. Hi. I have 4 seats that I am selling at face value or a trade for one of the Paris shows. Both pairs of tickets are aisle seats: Section 216 Row 2 seats 1 and 2. Section 317 Row 9 seats 1 and 2. Tom
  4. Just received my Collector tickets today. On St. Patrick's Day! How perfect is this?
  5. Is anyone willing to trade 2 seats at either Paris show for 2 seats to the second night in NY? The seats for NYC2 are Section 216 Row 2 Seats 1 and 2.
  6. NJ 2 and Dublin. Was only planning on Dublin but when they added the second show in NJ, I had to go.
  7. I hope I can get some feedback on sections at Croke Park. I have a choice of section 302 Row NN or Section 307 Row S. If you have an opinion on which is the better seat, I would love to hear it and also appreciate it. I am worried 302 may be too much of a side view. Thank you.
  8. My group has tickets in 302 and 307. We're coming in from NY and Chicago. We've never been to Croke Park before and was wondering what the view from 302 is. I think they are good seats but after looking at some seating charts I am wondering if these will be too far to the side of the stage.
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